Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I have changed a lot.
Some changes are for the better while others are for the worse.

I have become a worse servant. I know I've got to get my life back on the right track but I can't seem to do it at this moment. I've gotten involved in some pretty heavy stuff and it's kinda hard to get back to normal once you got yourself into this kind of shit. No, I'm not doing drugs.

But I'm happier. As happier as I can be. It does get lonely sometimes though but it's better than getting psyched over a stupid argument.

I feel like I'm seeing the world for the first time. I've become less judgmental and learnt to accept things the way they are. I've become optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. I know that sounds weird but I have no idea how to explain it.

Oh dear God. What on earth have I got myself into.

By the way I'm loving my job. I have more freedom in my work now that I'm having a Dr. prefix to my name. My clinical judgments are even accepted and considered. I love to see the patients smile upon looking at their new teeth in the mirror.

Other than that, I can't stop thinking ,"Dear God. What have I got myself into."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's been a hectic life for me in the past three weeks with work and stuff. I've been working non-stop from 9 to 5, 6 days a week, missing lunch almost every alternate days. It's been some sort like a cultural shock to me since we didn't use to treat this many patients during our student days. It's busy, it's mad, it's crazy all around but I'm loving it. :)

Sigh. About our beloved Liverpool FC. Where do I start. Perhaps I should start that I am currently reading a book titled Red Men: Liverpool Football Club the Biography by John Williams? Yes, I think that's the least painful way to start talking about LFC.

There are two main problems at Liverpool this season: 1) Bad result. 2) Bad performance. The former can easily be explained by the latter. Anyway, it's mental that some people are still blaming Rafa for the mess that Liverpool are in. Last season they used to say that seventh place wasn't good enough, with the players we had at that time we shouldn't be at seventh. However, these people seem to think that we deserve be in the 18th place, as the table stands at this very moment, with the players we currently have?

Don't get me wrong, Rafa had his own shortcomings back when he was still the boss, but I think that these shortcomings seem to be magnified while Roy's ones are conveniently overlooked. They both have totally different styles when it comes to management and tactics and stuffs but I will not go into the details on these. Maybe some other time I will. NESV are giving Roy probation time until Christmas. In the meantime, we just have to watch and see and continue supporting our beloved Liverpool FC. There's a reason that our blood is Red.

P/s: This is a lazy entry since I haven't been posting anything for a while. Will write a more useful entry soon, Inshaallah.