Wednesday, April 29, 2009

manu vs arsenal

not going to pretend i m a neutral here.i fancy an arsenal-barcelona final in rome.

manchester united won n rightly so..quite disappointed with arsenal last u started the game at full throttle n arsenal didnt seem to be able to cope with them. in the end man u hv a 1 goal lead come the 2nd leg at emirates stadium next week,anythg can happen but man u is now the favourite to go into the final stage of the competition.hope arsenal will do something about it. rooney was given the task to patrol the left side of the field again n he did a fine job over there. walcott was quite a handful for evra but in the end evra got the better of him.even with minimal time on ball walcott was a threat to man u.fabregas,nasri were supposed to be the creative players n the brains but none of them shone last nite.arsenal certainly did defend better in the 2nd half but the damage has already been done.anyone saw how ronaldo cried n whined n screamed when gibbs fouled him in the pen box? tv replayed the scene over n over again n it gets more hillarious with each replay.

anyway i m off to bangalore tonight to attend the malaysian student leadership(?) conference after missing the hull game next week i m going to miss this one againts newcastle also. but hey stevie is back so nothing to worry about..just go out there n play ur best football..going to wish fernando good luck on twitter later..bye =)

barcelona vs chelsea.

tertido ms tgk game ni.ngantuk sgt. chelsea played for draw..referee was shit.. ballack n mikel should hv been sent off for multiple bookable offences. it pisses me off that barcelona was the side that actually played football from start to finish yet the advantage is to chelshit. n the player ratings on is bullshit, not that i ever believe their ratings anyway. 90min of good perfomance,just 1 mistake n the rating could go down to as low as 5.great stuff to read. guus hiddink managed to fool everyone by saying in the pre match press conference that "there will be lots of goals" leading everyone to think chelsea would actually go there n play football. hope the game will be more open in the 2nd leg but barca looks like they r having problem of their own.suspended puyol,injured marquez. imaginary fouls leading to yellow cards to barca players when half of the players in yellow shirts should be sent off.

i obviously am not using rationality here but nvm i ll edit later when i achieve d peace of mind i need.

goodbye oral surgery....for now

1 month i was posted in the oral n maxillofacial department. well this time we're allowed to take cases for extraction,suture removal,irrigation, etc. since we've finished with the theory portion. so far, this is the branch of dentistry i like the most. my 1st extraction case was an easy 1, a mobile tooth (26), but the experience of giving nerve block to the patient seemed scary at first but exhilarating later. my 2nd extraction case was the most challenging of all. i was ordered (yes, i mean that literally) to remove 16 (right upper 1st molar) tooth which was grossly carious. the mesial half of the tooth was already gone. well the intern who was on opd duty didnt even order an iopa before the extraction. as a common knowledge is us the dental practitioner, it is almost an obligation to get an iopa xray before any extraction of maxillay 1st molar, in case the roots extend into the maxillary sinus, which may cause complication after extraction. there are 3 legal cases against the hospital still going on now in that the roots of the maxillary molar broke during extraction,root fragments got lodged in the maxillary sinus, infection n inflammation of the sinus, invasive maxillofacial surgery to treat the complication, hence patients sue the doctors.

back to my case. under the observation from dr. rohan shah, i palpated the mucobuccal fold of the maxilla,located the landmarks for posterior superior alveolar nerve block, injected the LA solution, gave the buccal infiltration for the mesiobuccal root of the tooth n greater palatine nerve blocks. (i know, the blocks werent necessary but just for practical purposes). then i reflected the gingiva n applied the forceps onto the root of the tooth. after that, using my theoritical knowledge, i started giving the buccal n palatal movements once i had a firm grip on the tooth. well the tooth didnt seem to be moving a milimiter! i took almost half an hour to extract the tooth, that after changing the 16 forceps to cowhorn forceps. when i finally managed to take the tooth the 3 roots were unusually long....n diverging!! my hands trembled, thinking what would i do if the roots were broken in the process n got lodged in the maxillary sinus ....n also silently cursing the intern who didnt order for iopa n my own foolishness not to ask about iopa..

so moral of the story..i ll never forget to ask for iopa before extraction of the tricky teeth next time..after that few cases came..then end of omfs posting...n its gonna be a while till i'll be able to come back to this department again.=)

'sir' ryan giggs

sympathy votes count. ryan giggs, probably the player with the most honours to his name is finally the PFA player of the year. ryan giggs, who has been a regular in alex ferguson's squad but has started only around 12-15 premier league games this season (needs verification).

the PFA player of the year award. the name of the award suggests for the award to be given to the best player throughout the season, not only halfway thru season. so,with all due respect, this award should be appropriately called as the PFA player of the mid-season award. why? well the players who are the members on the PFA receive a letter stating they have to vote bla,bla,bla before far as my knowledge goes, the season doesnt end in april!

i m not implying that giggs doesnt deserve the award, but he deserved it years ago when he was playing at the top level for manchester united. now he isnt even the 1st choice in ferguson's stating 11, in contrast to steven gerrard who has been the driving force n highly influential to liverpool. n what does cristiano ronaldo do this season to even get into the list? all hype,that boy.

for liverpool player of the season, if u ask,i ll probably say xabi alonso. the fact that almost all of our best times in the season hv been achieved without gerrard,torres or both (- real at bernabeu,manu at old trafford , villa at anfield), but alonso is instrumental in all liverpool performance. he's like the heart of the liverpool play, being a pass master,dictating the play the way a master concerto conducting an orchestra..he's real class...real class.. for now i ll vote for xabi, maybe i ll change my mind later..well girls love to do that.

new page

some things got mixed up in my previous blog so i hv to start a new 1 now..problem claiming the blog,bla bla bla.

i ll write the usual life,my dental practice,n football.

thanks for mustering the patience n courage to read this crappy blog.=p