Friday, July 24, 2009

the verdict: acquitted!!

Steven Gerrard has been given a not guilty verdict by the Liverpool Crown Court in spite of the CCTV footage showing it was Steven who threw the first punch. With speed and power of that of a professional boxer, according to the prosecutor.
That's a good thing for Liverpool albeit I was half-expecting Steven to be found guilty.
Thanks a bunch to the failed prosecution.haha.

The Alonso saga has not stopped and it's been driving me crazy. Yes it's tabloid talks but with Alonso himself refusing to rule out move to Bernabeu, it still can happen. If Alonso is going to stay, what will be of his attitude in this coming season? Will he sulk or brood or play a silent revenge toward Rafa n Liverpool for not letting him go? Will he still give his all in his every game? Will he still be among the hardest working Liverpool players and will he still cover most miles in one game as given in Uefa's Champions League statistics?

People have been talking about Liverpool's preseason form which is usually impressive, but I'm not worried at all. Rafa has been fielding young players to give them experience and trying new technique and experiment and he is unlikely to continue doing so when the season starts.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

enough of the cuteness fest!! it's bleedin nauseatin!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Okay I just noticed that I can actually write pages long without actually writing anything as evident here in few of my posts.
Liverpool 1 Thailand 1. And Skrtel and El Zhar are injured. Isn't Agger injured too? This is going to be a problem.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

in your eyes

Rain rain rain. It rains everyday and we can't help it. Still can't bring myself to study for practical exams this Friday. Too damn lazy. Been doing a lot lately without actually doing anything worthwhile doing, such as this blog. Been doing lots of money spending as the folks back home kirim this and that like kain sari, cotton, buku, etc etc. My umi even asked me to bring back a stainless steel wok! Boleh pengsan la.

Been running around my living room when I can't get out to gym. I have vowed to keep fit and to slow down the development of any potential unwanted and unsynchronised overgrowth in my body which I'm pretty sure is going on quite well as we speak. SO. Been getting my fitness back albeit slowly. Heart rate's back to 60-65 beats per minute, not sure bout BP. And..this is probably the hardest of all..I've cut all the unnecessary carbs and fats and those in-between meal Pringles. But don't know how long it will last. I'm not famous for high motivation. haha

What makes me want to be healthy again?

Few reasons.

1. I need to get rid of those unsightly spare tyre. so that I could fit into most of my jeans and tops again without having something protruding shamefully from my belly.
2. I freaked out after having palpitation for a few days after the operation. I'm so afraid there is something wrong with my heart coz the handsome anaesthesiologist told me that my pulse rhythm is irregular.
3. Since I'm pretty sure I'll get cancer sooner or later given my family and personal history, I'd rather get it later rather than sooner. I wanna enjoy life before I die. I do not want diabetes, hypertension and heart disease accelerate the development of cancer.
4. Trinity is coming in October so I need to get extra fit now coz the tournament will be in the winter. Cold air is suffocating. Last winter I could only manage 5 laps before I was out of breath. This year we want to win!


Monday, July 20, 2009

100% redundant

Owen scores again? Damn. haha I've always wanted Rafa to sign him back ever since I see him wasting his time and talent at Newcastle United but then the decision is not mine to make. The boss knows better.=)

They said the future of Alonso will be sorted in 24hours. I want Xabi to stay but if his heart is not at it, there is no use of him staying.

I hope Mascherano will stay now that the speculation of Barca wanting to sign him is no longer around.

On a lighter note, today we all the Malaysians in perantauan stuck in Belgaum, India had dinner with Mr.Khairuddin, Consule Education the Consulate General Office in Chennai. Free dinner beb, at the most expensive hotel in Belgaum.hehe. But the food was mediocre. I ate one helping of everything on the buffet table and 3 helpings of caramel pudding and vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate.ahaha. I refused to wear baju kurung today coz it was raining and I was going there by bike. But i decided against my better judgement to put on a little mascara and eyeliner. When I arrived at the hotel, I went straight to the restroom to find that I have smudged mascara and eyeliner all over my face.haha. Damn u Maybelline and Clinique. You promise your products are waterproof.Nevermind, I clean up the mess but didn't touch up as I dont usually carry makeups in my handbags except for the must-have lip balm and compact powder then I dried up my blouse using the hand dryer.and I dont know why am I telling you this.haha

Malaysia XI

Well, if Liverpool were gonna play against the Malaysia XI tonight I can't be sure who am I gonna root for but the news about 'fans' booing the Malaysian players everytime they make a stray pass breaks my heart. Please support Malaysia peeps. We know they are never going to be as good as Manchester United but support is all that they need, and it doesn't take all of your monthly wages to do so, ain't it? By the way I'm proud of the lads. They almost managed to hold Manchester United to a draw if it's not for that 'Judas'. haha

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. Xabi and the big spenders

Looks like Xabi's move to Real Madrid is inevitable.
He was planning a talk with Rafa to persuade Rafa to let him go.
If he went, then Liverpool have a problem.
No one can run the midfield like Alonso does, not even Steven Gerrard.
Will the departure of Alonso make Rafa push Steven back to the midfield where he once belonged?
Or will Alonso stay?

Friday, July 17, 2009

boredom drives me here

I am so bored.
Been browsing thru Blair's blog.
Alex Gerrard and Cheryl Cole are looking fantastic.
I wish I have their wardrobe and all the time in the world to pamper miself like that. (and the money their husbands makes).=p

a highly unlikely scenario

(I suggest you read this is Andy Gray's intonation)

Torres sprinting towards the ball after a super ball from Gerrard, but oh, Evra got there first and cleared the ball, corner kick for Liverpool in the 87th minute at Anfield. Well this is good chance for Liverpool to strengthen their 1-0 lead with Torres' goal early in the second half..a copy from last year's epic encounter at the Old Trafford in fact but this time it's Ferdinand who got to taste a little shoving by Torres.. Gerrard takes, Vidic clears, falls towards..Carrick. Carrick passes to Park, Park runs with the ball, passes it to.. Owen! He's on the run..Mascherano coming to cover but I don't think he's gonna make it, Johnson comes sliding but no, Owen's too good for that..Owen with the ball, and he, oh my, nutmegs Carragher! He's one on one with Reina now, plays a little dummy there, Reina's already fallen in the wrong direction, he SHOOTS! and oh, over the crossbar. Looks like Manchester United have to go back to the Theatre of Wet Dreams with another humiliating defeat and another zero point.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

cont: michael james owen
i hyperventilated upon reading the report that the biggest scum of a club have signed a player who used to be a kopites' favourite.

Owen u pompous selfish ungrateful sum of a beach. (n0 pun intended for mrs. owen. that's why i spell it that way). how could u???

u left when we needed u most.
u said u left in search for European glory, which Liverpool were unlikely to deliver.
but after u left, we got along just fine. we even got the mightiest European glory of all time. then we sign an unarguably fine striker that is Fernando Torres.
In simple words, we probably haven't been missing u at all, Mikey.

But still..
I would be lying if I say I do not care that Owen is now a Manchester United player. Their no 7, in fact, sharing the number with other Manchester United legends. I shudder to think of the possibility of Owen becoming THEIR legend but that would probably not gonna happen.

Liverpool fans across the world have been indifferent to this shocking signing. But for me, who grow up watching Michael Owen score goals, it's been hard.

I'm not exaggerating when I say my love affair with Liverpool Football Club started with Michael Owen. When i first laid my eyes on him (on tv, of course), I did not know a thing about football. The first thing I noticed about football was that joy on the players' faces, their passions translated into their reactions on football pitches, and I noticed all these when I first saw the game that Owen scored. I don't remember which game though. Then i came across a Michael Owen poster, a promotional poster by Pepsi for World Cup 1998, quoted: i have always wanted to be a footballer.....(dont remember) doesn't matter whether u or ur teammates score, what matters is that ur team win the game. and i thought: wow, this guy is a star yet he is so humble and selfless. made me like him even more. (and he is kinda cute.)

Who could forget that FA Cup final against Arsenal which Owen single-handedly won for us?
Then...he left us for Real Madrid. I thought I would change my allegiance since Owen was the reason I supported Liverpool in the first place..I thought my allegiance would leave Liverpool together with Owen..I thought I would pledge allegiance to Real..I thought Real was my new passion..well, it was, but it was also a short-lived one.

Then I realised that nothing, NOTHING could ever change the way I feel about Liverpool.
I am a Red for life.
I bleed Red.

With that said, I wish Owen all the very best for the future, but on the other hand I dont want him to succeed coz that would prove Slur Alex was right to sign him..just please dont score against Liverpool like Keane did..=p

Saturday, July 4, 2009