Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Konchesky doesn't always play that badly? Konchesky wasn't the reason that we lost to Spurs? I mean, like, seriously?

Roy Hodgson was the one to blame for the loss? Seriously? Roy Hodgson could make Konchesky quicker than Lennon but he refused to? Roy Hodgson could stop Ngog from jumping with his arms raised? No? So, maybe Roy Hodgson was the reason Maxi and Nando not being able to convert their chances? Seriously?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Because it's the day when everything goes wrong

If the scoreline was reversed, full credit has to be given to our central midfield pairing today. Lucas and Meireles played well. Meireles was guilty in giving away the ball a few times but overall a good performance. Lucas bossed the midfield.

Skrtel scored at both ends. He was the fastest to react when the ball was half-cleared from Meireles' freekick. Then..... he scored an own goal. Modric made a great run down the right and tried to pass the ball to the middle when Skrtel's attempt at clearing the ball went wrong.

I thought Torres and Maxi played and linked really well. That delicate touch from Torres that put Maxi through was brilliant. They both are guilty with the missed chances though.

Konchesky....well, I have no good words on him. Found asleep, caught out of position time and again. He really shouldn't be in the starting XI now that Aurelio's back. Roy, please call Insua back. He can't have done worse than Konchesky.

Johnson did pretty well against Bale at both ends. But our defence crumbled when Carra was out injured. The main concern for us at this time being is the fact that apart from Johnson, our defence lacks pace. In Bale and Lennon, Spurs have really tricky wingers with lightning pace. Lennon went past Konchesky with a breeze time and again.

Martin Atkinson was bullshit. Meireles didn't deserve the yellow card. Can't complain much about the other cards, but why no cards for Spurs? We had some pretty decent penalty claims too.

I don't think this is Roy's fault either. Konchesky was terrible but we missed a few good chances. Individual mistakes led to the goal. As bad as he played today, Skrtel's own goal wasn't Konchesky's fault. Carra was awesome though. That block early in the second half was awesome. But it's Carra, so it's a luck. If it's Rio or Terry, it's great defending. Bollocks.

I resisted myself from retaliating today. I kept reminding myself that they're not worth it. Since when do Spurs have a lot of fans? All jumping ship because Spurs are in the Champions League, ain't it? Yeah they think they have the right to thrash talk Liverpool, but when I say something against their teams they swear at me. Sigh. Why can't we have a proper, intelligent discussion? Why do you think that you know everything? Why do you always have to belittle other people's opinion?

Ok I'm kinda shagged. Will update more tomorrow when I've calmed down and can think clearly.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

You know what pisses me off? Melayu yang rasa bangsa dia yang suffer paling banyak dalam dunia ni. Melayu yang expect bangsa-bangsa lain tolerate budaya Melayu tapi pada masa yang sama refuse to tolerate other races' culture.

So what if you're overseas, not at a Muslim-majority places and they serve alcohol at dinners and events or your non-Muslim friends order alcohol when seating down having a meal together with you? Are they forcing you to drink it? No, right? I have a lot of non-Muslim friends. None of them have ever forced me to drink alcohol or makan babi. Non-Malays are more tolerant that sometimes I feel more comfortable to be around them. They tolerate me and my religion well. They never complained that we have to stop doing whatever we're doing because I have to go meet the Maker 5 times daily. They never complained, and I don't ask them to pray with me. So why should I get mad at them when they drink?

Next time you think that they're insulting Melayu and agama Islam, why don't you just take a moment and think: Am I setting a good example as a Muslim to them? Are we, the Malay Muslims yang kononnya religious people, setting the good examples as Muslims as portrayed by our Prophet (p.b.u.h.)? Nobody's perfect, I know, but are we doing all we can to be good Muslims? Stop condemning other religions. Sure, we believe that Islam is the greatest religion, but they don't. You think other religions don't make sense? Well, if you see it from the logical point of view, NONE of them make sense. They believe things that seem ridiculous to us because they have FAITH in their religions. Like we do for ISLAM. Let's just put ourselves in their shoes for a moment: If you don't believe in Islam, does Isra' and Mikraj seem logic for you? Does Mukjizat seem logic?

So, one word: TOLERANCE. We can all co-exist. We can all live in harmony if we learn to TOLERATE. There will be no more of those racist remarks and "insulting" other religions. This is a free country, right? We can live together in harmony if we learn to tolerate. Tak perlu all those 1Malaysia bullshit.

That's just my 2 cents. I will probably get a death threat tomorrow.
A lot of things are going on in my head. I had a dream last night; a bad one. I dreamt that Johnson was megged by Bale. Ahhhh.

I am currently posted in Prosthodontics. It's that branch of dentistry that concerns with making dentures and prostheses. Anyways, I'm telling you this because I think my patient is a psychopath. So far she has not displayed any emotion that I could see. You see, most patients smile when they get their brand new teeth. But this patient is an enigma. No emotion. Stone-cold babe. Penat aku buat cantik2 seyh. No "Thank you, doctor" either.

Work's a bitch at times. Most of the locals keep dodging the workload. They will come in the morning, sign the register then angkat kaki. Sometimes when other departments have patients overload, they will import the interns (that's us) from our department. But these locals are so effin clever. They always tell the lecturer that they have work to do. And I can't believe that the lecturers always, always buy it. We, the Malaysians, who have real work to do, who are too polite to say no, who have work ethics, have to go and work extra every time. Me, for instance, are juggling 3 dentures at the moment. Sometimes I just get off work feeling really shagged all I want to do is sleep.

About the game against Spurs this Sunday.
I have always dreaded big games. Winning is a joy, but defeat is painful. When Liverpool are not playing well, it feels like I'm being tortured, dying a slow, painful death. And I have been dying a lot of times this season. It makes me wanna break the TV set. I'm not exaggerating.

Anyhow, what's the best line-up for the match? I reckon we should play Kelly at right back and Johnson at right wing, that should be sufficient to control Bale? Meireles and Lucas ( is he still injured?) at the centre, with Lucas kicking Van der Vaart's ass out of the game. Torres up front, Kuyt given a freedom of the city. Maxi's playing well, so maybe put him on the left. I haven't been watching a lot of games these days and haven't been reading a lot of news too, so I have not kept track with the injuries. Oh well. We tend to play shite away from home anyway. Can't bloody wait. Whatever happens, You'll Never Walk Alone.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Should Roy be fired?

After last night defeat to Stoke at the Britannia Stadium, questions regarding whether Hodgson should remain our manager or should he be fired arise again.

Antoine Zammit from Empire of the Kop started a poll to get a rough idea of what Red fans all over the world think of Roy.

An overwhelming 83.68% of Liverpool fans think that Roy should be fired NOW.

You can see the poll result here.

By the way, we out-Stoke-d Stoke last night. No drive, no discernible tactics, no creativity.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gahh. Bad day.
There was a video shoot today. I have no idea what it was for. When I asked, the guy just told me that they're going to show it to some people back in Malaysia. He's an agent who arranges seats for Malaysian students in Indian universities, so I'm pretty sure the video is to lariskan his business guna muka kami yang hot ini.

So we were practically given a script, what to say in front of the camera. How long have you been here, how do you like this place and its people, how is the facilities, practical training, blah blah.

So the guy turned to me and said, "Hey, why don't you say something in Bahasa?"
I said, "Uh, okay. What do you want me to talk about then?"
He replied, "Just tell us about this college, how do you find the place, the facilities, the teaching."
I answered, "Okay, fine."


I'm pretty sure I looked like an idiot.
I couldn't even find the words to say what I wanted to say in Malay.
It's like I left my brain some place else.
Then we have to re-do the shoot.

I screwed up again.

Not until he told me to talk in whatever language I was comfortable with and allowed my friends to chip in when I was lost for words.
Finally the torture ended.
Was expecting for him to at least buy us lunch but that kaya tapi stingy kedekut taik hidung masin guy just dismissed us with a "Thank you for your time" !

Monday, November 8, 2010

Torres' post match interview:

Kennedy: Are you resting now, yeah, for a couple of days?

Torres: Um..no.

Kennedy: No? But you'll have a little drink, yeah?

Torres: Um.. Training tomorrow, day after.. We have to keep working.

OMG. This guy.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

Bragging rights! We certainly earn that. LOL!

I have to say that I wasn't very optimistic prior to the match. Yes, Steven Gerrard saved our sorry asses AGAIN against Napoli but he can only do so much. He's 30. There are signs that his legs are giving away. He's still world-class but I thought that in our current shape, we were not a match for Chelsea. Okay. I have to eat my humble pie now. And I'm glad that I do. Haha!

But whoa whoa whoa. Who is that kid at the midfield la? You know, the small, kononnya weak, blonde, former Rafa's apple of the eye one? Remember the name, people, remember the name : LUCAS PEZZINI LEIVA. Liverpool's number 21. Well done, lad. Play like that every game, with the rate you're improving, you could well be......... nah, I won't say it. I won'x jinx it. Let's just go with the flow, eh? Berapa banyak block, berapa banyak interception ko buat semalam Lucas. I'm impressed. Even Bro Beemer over there at Liverpool Malaya who never put up a good word on you was singing you praises last night. Haha. Jangan marah bro :p Ramires, Zhirkov, Malouda, you can hide behind your mommas now. This Brazilian kid who had been written off time and again put you guys to SHAME.

Fernando Torres is on fire! Great first touch to control the perfect cross from Kuyt from the left hand side before putting it past Cech. He made Terry look like Vidic. LOL. Credit to Skrtel with the defense-splitting pass to Kuyt. The second one was a masterclass show. Skinned Ivanovic. Curled the ball into the far top corner between to 2 defenders and the helpless Cech. Absolute freakin' beauty you are Nando. Oh my sexxxyy soon-to-be husband. Don't judge me, I'm just a normal girl who like good-looking men. haha.

Kelly was great as well. Aku nervous tengok Kelly start kat right back, Chelsea sebelah kiri ada Ashley Cole, Malouda and Jerkoff. Thought he was gonna get slaughtered. But he stood up to them and did really well. Goal.com kate die Irish. FAIL. Apart from a period of time in the second half where he allowed like thousands of crosses from inside his area, this lad did fine.

Carra back to his old self. Immense. Skrtel, apart from a misjudged header, did nothing wrong. Nasib baik Kalou offside. Konchesky and Meireles had their best game in Red shirts as well. Gerrard. Great all around display. Lari sana sini. Apa rahsia ko fit sangat eh? Kejap kat atas, kejap kat bawah. Kalau ko muda lagi aku xde la heran sangat.

Kuyt ni cyborg ke bionic man hah? Wasn't he supposed to be out till January? Orang lain rupture ligament berbulan2 baru sembuh, ko lepas 3 minggu dah buleh lari sana sini? Bapak ko bagi makan 8 botol Scott't Emulsion ke tiap2 hari masa ko kecik hah?

Not to exclude other elements, I do think that we had a bit of luck yesterday. Drogba came down with a fever the night before, Essien and Lampard were out with injuries. But Reina did amazing when tested under pressure. Close range save to deny Malouda. He must be wondering how did that not go in. Then the post's save from an Anelka shot contributed to our cause too. Haha.

Those boys in RED make me a very happy woman.