Friday, August 28, 2009

vs Bolton

I will miss the game tomorrow. My friends are coming over from Salem, Tamil Nadu tomorrow and they want me to bring them to Goa. Crazy ones. Goa in bulan puasa? Of course I love Goa, but I wanna swim! Nanti tertelan air laut batal plak posa.Haih. And we surely can't go hiking when we're fasting,can we? Well, we'll try, but I don't think we're gonna make it up to the top of the hill. So I'm gonna miss Man United-Arsenal game as well.

So have you heard? Steven Gerrard is getting sued by the DJ he punched during the nightclub brawl. That explains the reason why he looked preoccupied during the Villa game. Feel free to speculate and find excuse for our captain's dismal performance.

So we had a demo for Class III composite restoration today. Dr. Uppin said we can start taking Class III cases, but I don't think we will. Huhu. Life in final year, particularly in Cons department where I'm posted now is getting more and more unbearable day by day.

Oh, I think I need to mention this as well. I find myself not attracted to Torres anymore. Now I'm crazy about Edward Cullen. But I have to admit, if i didn't know Robert Pattinson was gonna play Edward in Twilight the movie or if Mudin hadn't given me the Twilight book, I might have found both the book and the movie very teenager-like and I might have not liked them at all. Now that the situation's reversed, I find Twilight very romantic. Impossible but romantic. Stephenie Meyer combines Dracula, vampires, werewolf, even Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet together with a little twist of her own imagination. When Jacob and the werewolves come into the picture, it gets hilarious. Can't wait for Midnight Sun, Edward's version of Twilight.

On a lighter note, Liverpool got a fairly easy group in the Champions League Group Stage. Don't know if we're ever gonna make it to the final though. Sometimes I feel like the whole point of my existence here on Earth is only to moan and make negative comments. Haih will try to be more optimistic, but no promise here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yeah lets blame Lucas and only Lucas

There's nothing much to write really. I got so fed up watching the game last night that I carried on chatting with my friend online who was also fed up with the way the game was going on.

I guess we started okay. The first chance came when Torres chipped the ball toward Benayoun who hesitated and couldn't direct the header past Friedel. Then there was a scramble between Torres, Gerrard and Benayoun so close to the opener it was almost unbelievable. Torres slipped when he was taking the shot and the ball fell to Gerrard who was almost largely invisible in the first half and who also couldn't put the ball into the net despite having two good chances there, partly due to end number of human bodies in white shirt on the line.

Well, Lucas. He kept the ball flowing but then gifted Aston Villa a freekick in 35-yard area and also scored for Aston Villa. That just sums up his night, even I can't back him up today. He's back to his old self. Alonso was sorely missed. The non-existence of a genuine playmaker in Liverpool's play last night was very noticeable. Gerrard played badly, especially in the 1st half. I would have expected Rafa to play Gerrard deeper alongside Mascherano, but Rafa only listened to my desperate pleading halfway through the 2nd half. Then Curtis Davies scored a glancing header from a corner (was it?) , and Carra could have done more with it.

Torres got a goal but could have had more. Nice cross from Insua who was under pressure but still managed to get the ball to Torres who then pushed the ball into the net. Friedel was one of the reasons why we didn't manage to score more. The game last night was nothing like the last time Villa came to Anfield. This time they learned their lesson. They kept the game tight, giving no player no time and space on the ball.

And just went we thought we could turn this around, Gerrard fouled someone, was it Reo-Coker? inside the penalty box. The referee gave a penalty and Ashley Young converted it succesfully. That's it. Game over. Liverpool 1 Aston Villa 3. I found more muse in the absolutely gorgeous Edward Cullen last night. Watched Twilight twice. The distraction I need, since Torres' pretty face is not so perfect anymore with that black eye. Pale is the new tan. Cheers.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I think I'm dying. This feeling is asphyxiating, no doubt about it.

The reason being; I haven't watched any of the Liverpool games this season!

Why are they not broadcasting midweek games live anymore?

I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the game last night coz I was too stupid not to check ESPN tv listing on the web first.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alberto Aquilani

The new Liverpool signing has started watching friendlies and training at the academy although he is sidelined for injury for one month. One month!

Meanwhile, Rafa said that Aquilani is an attacking player who can play between the lines, maybe between Gerrard and Torres. From what I see in Youtube videos, his positioning sense is good, quicker than Alonso, can shoot from a distance, and unlike Alonso, can provide final passes as he plays more forward. The drawbacks; people say he is injury prone, passing quality can't be completely analysed from youtube videos, plus he needs time to settle down in new league,new surrounding,new culture,new food,new everything.

I was bored to death at SMK Chukai yesterday listening to my friend Cha's guide after SPM to a bunch on Form 5 students when I thought about a hypothetical situation that would be happening at Liverpool following departure of Alonso and arrival of Aquilani.

Aquilani plays a little forward as compared to Alonso who sometimes was positioned even in line with the centre backs. We usually play from direct play from deep with Alonso hitting a 20,30,40,50-yard pass straight toward the forward, Stevie or the wingers. Now that Alonso is gone, who's gonna feed the ball to Torres, Gerrard and co? Masherano would still play deep of course (provided that he stays) but passing isn't his best attribute. And he lacks discipline in positioning, what with the forward bombardings all the time! But thanks largely due to his unbelievable stamina, he always manages to get back and does his primary job, even manages to give a hand to the fullbacks!

In my opinion, there would be 4 solutions that I could think of
1. Stevie drops deep and plays midfield all around like he used to do, but he's the best attacking midfielder in the league there is. So his talent is a bit wasted this way, and we wouldn't see the magical partnership with Torres, albeit one of these days I would like to see this partnership broken as sometimes they try too hard to set each other up.
2. We start playing and building attacks by way of short passes. This is where Lucas could play his part which he did best during his spell that earned him some golden ball award in Gremio.
3. Aquilani plays behind Gerrard as box-to-box midfielder playing short passes, of his long passes are as good as Alonso's he could hit long passes like Alonso did as well.
4. Agger plays, bringing the ball out of defence area, with Mascherano covering temporarily at the centre back when Agger goes forward.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Community Shield

I didn't watch the match but I heard Man U lost. Good enough for me. Haha As usual when Man U lost, we'll hear that someone whining for 2 weeks non stop. Did you have a PHd in the art of whining or what?? Don't care about Ballack's foul on Evra, only result count for me. Hehe

LFC lost to Atletico but Lucas scored. I hope I won't be defending him for nothing next season. Please give me excuse to defend you Mr. Leiva.

And Blair sure hates Alex Gerrard. And I wonder why.

I have my doubt about LFC's campaign in this coming season. I know I said I wasn't worried, but now I am. Damn you Xabi. Why couldn't you handed the official tramsfer request a little earlier? Aquilani belom ape2 lagi dah injured for a month! Haih. So Lucas haters, this particular ongoing circumstance is not going as well as you hope because Lucas is very likely to play. What's your say Bro Beemer? hehe jangan marah ek..-D

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adios Alonso,Arbeloa

I KNOW I said it's OK to let Xabi go if he really wanted to go but still.

It's a great loss.

Why Xabi, why? You aren't even sure if u actually get to play at Real Madrid.

(talk about sour grapes)

I'm at home now, in Malaysia for a 2-week vacation. I'd like to write more, I'd like to pour down my whole emotion here, I really do, but I hate this 14-year-old keyboard. My Abah got this keyboard in 1995 when he first bought a PC. Since then. no keyboards worked except this ancient,sclerodermatic keyboard. Others would be of use for a few months then they would eventually break down on their own account. And I can't figure out how to connect my laptop to the internet. Buta teknologi.

With Alvaro Arbeloa also gone, Liverpool are back to the same condition we went thru last season, if not worse. Worse, as far as central midfield position is concerned, and same,as far as right back position is concerned. We're back to one right back and we lose one central mifielder. Lucas will be able to do the work to a certain extent, but only to that certain extent, if you know what I mean. Does this mean Stevie will be pushed back to central midfield and Torres be given a striking partner that is Voronin? Or will Yossi be given more shots at central midfield where he does best? We probably may not see Stevie in his most lethal form next season, as a second striker.

And then there is an issue about that old prick again. Is he losing his mind? The season has hardly started and he has already started to bicker with Rafa Benitez. If you wanna know my take on this, I think this whole 'mind game' is hillarious. Who is Alex Ferguson to question Rafa Benitez's achievement with Liverpool? That senile old dickhead probably doesn't even remember his own history!!