Sunday, January 17, 2010


Oh hello there. It's been a long time, I know, but final year hasn't been kind to me.
Lets see what have I been missing.

Bloody hell.

We're in the 7th position.

Missed several games this season, but watched the Stoke game last night.
Quite disappointed with the scanty number of saves Sorensen had to make at the Britannia Stadium last night.
In fact, we could say that our only goal in the match was gifted by Sorensen. He could have caught the ball, and the good force in the form of a massive Greek defender, Sotirios Kyrgiakos managed to get the ball into the net. 1-0.

Of course, we could have gotten a lead before that. But apparently, according to Mr.Mason who has produced 4 red cards this season, 3 of them for players who play for Liverpool, thinks when a player is blatantly fouled in the penalty box, you should award him a yellow card for jumping instead of a much deserved penalty. And to top everything off, it happened right under the linesman's big nose without any obstruction whatsoever. You couldn't get any clearer than that. And that Higginbotham guy or whatever his name is,not that I care to remember,was jumping up and down after fouling Lucas like he was wronged.

We've conceded a lot of late goals lately. If only Benayoun hadn't made that tackle. If only. If.

And sure it happens again yesterday. Of course things happen to us, we're Liverpool. Things always happen to us.

After the umpteenth long throws, long balls and corners, we finally conceded a goal towards the end. It was from a corner from the left hand side. That Higginbottom guy again used his left arm to lever on Kuyt's (was it Kuyt? I'm not very sure) shoulder to jump and head the ball back towards the left side which subsequently resulted in Robert Huth's goal. Yes, our players are to be blamed for this. Huth wasn't even marked.

Kuyt should have scored that close range header,from a point blank range even. At the same time,Lucas was fouled again in the penalty box. But of course, nobody saw it.

Kyrgiakos was our best man against Stoke. He won a lot of headers and dealt well with Stoke's long ball strategy. Well, it's a relief that circus freak had to be withdrawn halfway through the match. 2nd best player would be Lucas. He has big shoes to fill in, and I'm not saying he's excellent, but he did alright. Yesterday's problem is that we just couldn't seem to place the correct passes. Stoke's playing a real physical game that it seems to me that they had extra players all over the pitch and sometimes our players didn't have a clue what they should be doing. Almost zero number of creative player on the pitch worsened the condition.