Sunday, November 8, 2009

Non football-related post

Saw a very interesting case today and can't help not blogging about it.

The patient was an elderly male with only 4 teeth left. His chief complaint was pain in the healing socket where he got a tooth (premolar) extracted 4 days back.

However, there was a very interesting finding in his floor of the mouth, a finding he wasn't aware of. It was a swelling measuring around 1x1cm in size, dome-shaped,slightly reddish in colour, non-tender, and there were also two pinhead-sized yellowish pustules on the peak of the dome-shaped swelling. We, the undergrads with very very limited knowledge, thought we were brilliant to diagnose it as a ranula, since ranula is the typical swelling present in the floor of the mouth. The intern and grad student examining the case weren't sure what it was, and there was absolutely no history of trauma,pain or any prodromal symptoms of infection whatsoever.

The grad student, Dr. Ishita Gupta then consulted a senior grad student, Dr. Poonam Agarwal. Interestingly, Dr. Poonam said that she came across a few cases similar to this one before, and she did a full complete investigation to determine what it was, but there was absolutely no signs of any pathology at all. Her theory is that the swelling is just a hyperplastic tissue response of the tissue of the floor of the mouth to edentulousness. A more interesting fact is that when she tried to find out about similar cases anywhere else, on the internet, scientifec journals,etc, no such cases have ever been documented anywhere.

Wow. I hate examining patients with bad breath (you have no idea how bad), but I sure am going to miss seeing these cases once I finish my course here. Whenever I walk into the clinic every morning at 9 am, it's like walking into a life-sized,real life medical/dental book. So much to learn with so little time.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pride and Passion!

A few friends came over from Karad (around 4hours from here) just to watch this game together. How cool is that? Me being the only Liverpool fan in this place was supported by 3 Chelsea fans. They also belanja me makan chicken briyani afterward.Hahaha!

Well I thought the first half was tight. We started better and had better chances. The first real chance came from Aurelio's free kick when Torres was fouled by Evra. Van Der Sar had to literally claw the superb curling ball from Aurelio out and still managed to recover and position himself well to deny Kuyt's follow-up. Having said that, Kuyt was probably guilty for not taking some chances and turned them into goals. We could've had 4 or 5 goals.

You know you deserved it when the opposing manager himself said that you were the better team. Lucas and Mascherano totally boasted the midfield, something we haven't been doing lately. Carrick and Scholes looked out depth and uncomfortable. Giggs tried to play the game from the periphery, and probably one of the causes why Johnson's attacking movement was limited, besides the latter probably still not having full match fitness. Valencia was causing all sorts of trouble on our left hand side. Rafa must have thought that this would happen, so he put Aurelio at the left midfield to provide a lifeline for Insua when required, and boy Aurelio was boss, attacking and defensively. He could have done better with Benayoun's cross from the right hand side though. Insua markedly improved in the second half, I'm quite worried about the way the oppositions are now channelling their attacks through the inexperinced Insua guarding our left side. He looked out of pace against Valencia today.

That would be the best performance I have ever seen from Lucas. He was everywhere,literally. His positioning has improved, so is his tackling (we could do with less freekicks conceded though, I always close my eyes whenever we concede freekicks), and he can pass. In the 2nd goal buildup, he delayed the pass to Ngog, thus releasing the latter free and putting him one-on-one with Van Der Sar,and we know what happened afterward.You should see Lucas' celebration after the 2nd goal! Mascherano was immense too, doing his usual stuff. Pity about the suspension though, but nobody is complaining! Everybody is having a good time, just enjoying it. =)

Benayoun was one of our best player too, as usual offered his creativity and the confidence to take on the defense. Starting the game at the right flank, he and Kuyt interchanged positions throughout the game. Provided the assist for Torres' opening goal. As usual, a high energy display from Kuyt, much to the annoyance of the opposition's rearguard, but could have done better with touch and finishing.

Johnson didn't look like he's 100% fit yet, but he did enough against Giggs at the right side. Our backline was tremendous today, Carra was back to his usual reliable self! He was lucky not to be sent off for professional foul,but that's the only flaw in his performance today. I'm not complaining, he did the right choice by hauling that Judas down, otherwise that would have put Owen one-on-one with Reina. And the tackle on Carrick was superb, it could have been a penalty, but even those mancs weren't complaining, so why should we? Again, he made the right decision, Carrick would have taken a shot and scored if Carra didn't interfere.

Agger was superb too, especially that tackle on Giggs. Reina didn't have much to do. The only real save he had to make was from Rooney's weak header from Valencia's cross. Torres? What more can I say, even at 80% fitness, he gave United's backline a torrid time. And Rio Ferdinand really helped too, by preferring to jog alongside Torres and gifting him a yard of space, which was exactly what he needed to clinically finish the ball.

In conclusion, in an out-of-10 scale, 10 being the best, everybody in Red shirts deserves a 10. And so does the middle-aged Spaniard in black suit at the byline..=D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Question of the day: Is our manager trying to get himself sacked?

I'd love to hear your opinions.

I agree with Gerrard's substitution with Aurelio in the 24th min (that is soo unlike Rafael Benitez to make such an early change).

But Voronin in for Benayoun?? When we were 1-1 level with Lyon and there were like 5minutes to final whistle? Seriously Benayoun, who in my eyes was our best attacker tonight? The first thing that crossed my mind is: Is he trying to get himself sacked?? I don't see any rational in this substitution. What does Voronin have that Benayoun does not have? I could usually see the rational behind Rafa's decisions even if I don't agree with them, but I'm totally in the dark on this one.

By the way, Martin Kelly was fantastic. This is the first time I watch him play and he impresses me.He looks like a genuine deal. Are you watching, Mr. Capello?That was a great cross for Aurelio to head in from a point-blank range. And it seems like we went down to pieces when Kelly was taken off due to injury. Nice move from Lucas and Aurelio to set the 1st goal, and Kelly attacking the ball in the penalty box gave space for Benayoun to score. And I think I should do an official count on how many times players give away balls. I think if a meteor happened to fall down from the sky and hit your head tomorrow, you'd blame Lucas too. (kidding).

Insua was %^&*. What the hell happened to him? I thought Rafa was going to sub him with Aurelio in the 24th minute, I was almost going to applause Rafa for that. Kuyt was not very effective, but did few alright link-up plays. Aurelio crossed for Benayoun's goal and almost added one to his name too if it's not for that world class save from their keeper.

I miss the times when we used to know how to pass!

I haven't done the maths yet, but I think we do need to win all 3 of the remaining games. 2 away,1 home.Tough ones, with the way we're playing, we might end up in the Europa League after group stage.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fatimatussolihah binti Aziz

13/10/2009. Several messages entered my ancient cell phone's inbox at once. I was wondering what kind of emergency could this be? I opened the first message,it's from Chai Ling, saying, "Tim passed away." I opened the other messages, they told me pretty much the same thing. Who is this Tim? Do I know any Tim? Can't be that Tim,right? Is this some kind of practical joke?

I went online straight away. I found that my homepage was full of my friends' status updates saying Al-Fatihah Tim, rest in peace. My head started to spin. TIM?? The one and only Tim I knew? This can't be right. I called my friend Asma who's studying in Salem,Tamil Nadu, same place Tim was studying.

Asma confirmed everything. Tim passed away in a car accident that evening. She died on the spot. The driver and another passanger didn't survive, the other passanger was in critical condition. The driver of the car they were riding tried to overtake a car in front of them when a bus came in the opposite direction and collided with the car. Encik Khai, our consule education in Chennai would be coming down there the next day and arranged to bring the body back to Malaysia.

Everything that happened was so sudden it came as a shock to everyone. Who would have expected a healthy, happy-go-lucky, easy going girl to die young? But then, we forgot that God have better plan for her. Tim, may your soul be blessed. You'll always in our hearts.

Allahyarham Fatimatussolihah binti Aziz, or better known as Tim, was a final year dental student, not third year medical student as reported by some Malaysian papers who never bother to get the facts right. One of the papers interviewed another friend, Ting Teck Pei, but it seemed like they had a confusion about my freakishly huge and masculine friend's gender. How shameful. I knew Tim in preU, we were in the same class then. She was one of those anak Terengganu celup who's proud of her root. In our class back then there was another Terengganu celup, a nice guy named Farhan. Well, Farhan lives in Terengganu but he speaks the standard BM better than he speaks Terengganu, so he's always the subject of Tim's teasing. Tim used to say obscene/curse words in bahasa Terengganu in front of him, knowing he didn't know what those words mean, and we both would laugh at him. LOL. Good times.

Tim, I'll always remember you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Stamford Bridge

Okay I still feel like talking about the Chelsea game.
Having watched a large part of last night's game under a calmer condition, I found that we didn't play all too badly.
We just didn't take our chances, and we didn't have that slice of luck we needed.
Torres' and Benayoun's uncharacteristic misses cost us the game, and Carragher's mistakes too.
If only we were awarded a penalty when Drogba fouled Skrtel, the result would have turned different.
Lucas didn't get skinned in the central midfield, but I agree that he was not what we needed yesterday although I could understand what Benitez might be thinking, fielding him yesterday instead of going with Gerrard in the midfield.
Chelsea weren't that great yesterday, but they took their chances well. Drogba made the difference, yes Drogba the muscular,strong and powerful cheating scum that always goes down way too easily when wind breezes in his direction.
And we had only 3 minutes of added time, because Rafa couldn't tell the assistant referee to add 6minutes instead unlike some particular manager.
Do we stand a chance of winning any title this season? Frankly speaking, I have the everything-is-over feeling but there are 30 more games to play. Manchester United have weaker team than last season, but then they always have FA and referees in their manager's pocket, they can have the longest added time they want, and luck too. An own goal at stoppage time from a brother of their defender.haha. Chelsea will lose half their squad to that African nations cup, and lets see how long they can endure with their ageing squad before injury crisis hits them. Arsenal have been good, but any team can score against them. Manchester City are scary, they have decent if not world-class players and depth of squad. Tottenham too, having our former striker who'd rather sit on their bench instead of ours. Like someone pointed out before, the last time a team lost 3 out of the 8 opening games but went on to win the league was Manchester United in 1967, but record is there to be broken. Lets get our hope and faith together and get behind our team. YNWA.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0

So we lost. We were nowhere near good enough today. Chelsea wasn't amazing either, but they did enough to win. We displayed no creativity. We need a genuine playmaker, stat.

We lost the battle in the midfield today. Chelsea on papers have better midfield players compared to us; Lampard, Ballack, Essien, Malouda, Deco as opposed to Lucas, Mascherano, Plessis, Gerrard. Perhaps we shouldn't count Gerrard as he rarely plays in central midfield nowadays. Lucas may be playing well against lesser teams but he can't be expected to deal with classy players the likes of Lampard, Essien and Ballack, they aren't in the same league.

I thought Mascherano played okay, but his mistake costs us. He was caught off possession by Lampard in the midfield, who passed to Deco who passed to Drogba who crossed for Anelka who went round Carragher like he wasn't even there and headed the ball in. And for goodness sake will somebody kill Drogba for me?? Otherwise I'll have to do it myself. He is inarguably a great striker with speed and power but he's just.......ugly and revolting and provoking and on top of that a drama queen. He should have been booked for at least 6 simulations tonight. And he killed our defense too. I thought Skrtel played well, he dealt with high balls and crosses well.

In my humble opinion, the only better Liverpool players tonight were Skrtel, Mascherano (bar that mistake), Insua and Johnson. Inexperienced as he is, Insua made some crucial interceptions down the left side of the area. Our attacking play looked better when Johnson went forward to support Dirk Kuyt, even forcing Lampard to be an additional left back.LOL. Having said that, Kuyt was ineffective tonight. Riera was frustrating too, I was expecting Rafa to substitute him with Benayoun on the 60th minute coz Rafa has never made substitutions before the 60th minute.

Well, Gerrard has been very poor this season. I mean, there are poorer players but Gerrard is the one to look up to for inspiration. He hasn't gotten any man of the match award this season, has he? Once again, he was caught in the no man's land and Torres was totally isolated and wasn't getting the supply he's supposed to get, thus he couldn't score. Like I said, our crosses were shocking, we never won any high balls tonight. This is so frustrating I don't know what to write. And the fact that we were not given a penalty when Drogba fouled Skrtel in the penalty box and Benayoun missing an open goal (!) when Hilario was already defeated just sum up the night. We didn't play well, nor did we have any luck. We had few chances but we didn't take em well.Two mistakes and we were punished for that. Carra really should have done better with the 2nd goal, and probably at fault for the 1st goal too. I blame Gerrard and Carragher for all of our poor performances this season. And Rafa too, due to his team selection and his inability to see that Gerrard should play in the midfield in big games. This is not a negative for Lucas, he is decent but he just doesn't offer what we need. He would make a good squad player, we can use him against the lesser team when Mascherano is not needed.

The good thing is that we were much better defensively today and didn't concede from set pieces. But all the same, we conceded from open play. Haih. At times we outplayed Chelsea, but a moment of clinicalness from them and unclinicalness from us cost us the result.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

pre Chelsea build-up

To be honest, I dread any game against a decent team with the way Liverpool are currently playing, and Chelsea are far from decent, they are actually a great team.

With Mascherano reaching his fitness, Rafa may take a risk by playing him tomorrow. We missed him immensely in Italy, Lucas is not as quick as him and didn't know who chase,didn't know who to tackle when Fiorentina passed the ball quickly in the midfield.

For years, Liverpool's main strength has always been at the central midfield. We boasted a number of world class central midfielders in Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano, just to name a few. Now with Alonso gone and Gerrard practically does not play in midfield anymore, out team struggle to cope in the midfield. Well, when a team struggles at the midfield, that team usually is not able to win and keep the ball, ergo the striker of that team is not supplied thus the absence of goal. Chelsea, inarguably have better choice in midfield. Mascherano can't be expected to take of Lampard, Ballack and Essien all at the same time. They may use the same tactic Hiddink used last season that is marking Gerrard and Torres out of the game. And Lucas, albeit is doing quite well in recent games, isn't exactly in the same class with Lampard, Ballack, Essien and Mikel. But who knows? He surprised everyone by doing alright in Old Trafford last season.

That's one aspect to ponder upon. Another aspect of our game that costs us goals this season is our central defense. Skrtel and Carra aren't talking to each other anymore or what?? The partnership so solid last season seems so vulnerable now, with Carra looking older and older in every game. The way our defense handles crosses are unbelivable. Our full backs are doing okay, contributing to attacking play, but that generates another drawback; exposing our already vulnerable centre backs, especially during counter attacks. The absence of Mascherano in the last few games contributes to the sloppy defense, as he is usually the one for breaking up the opponents' plays and counter attacks, and often covers for full backs whenever the go forward. Drogba is so gonna kill us tomorrow. I hope Agger plays, as he always does well against Chelsea, but I reckon Benitez will take the 'safe' side by playing Carra and Skrtel.

Well, this is just me talking crap. Pessimist and fickle-minded as I am, I hope we at least get a point from the Bridge tomorrow.

P/s: I want this line-up:


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Before you condemn any particular player, might as well check here for some facts..=)

And someone is obsessed with us.......(more)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Extra Time Controversy

Manchester United does get favouritism, and it's now proven.
See here.

Ever wondered what Rafa said in the half time break of the greatest comeback in the history of Champions League final? Might not be as inspirational as you thought, but it's damn funny.
See here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

West Ham 2 Liverpool 3

Wow the neutrals must have enjoyed the game last night. I wish I was one.

Sloppy defensive display last night with a couple of individual mistakes. West Ham had the first chance on goal when they dispossessed Carra in our area. The first West Ham goal, a penalty, came from Carragher's mistake too. He was outrun and pulled the opponent's shirt and the ref gifted them penalty. But did Diamanti touch the ball with his right foot when he was sliding? If he did, then it should have been a free kick for us,shouldn't it?

Torres opened his scoring account with a marvellous solo goal. Insua fed the ball to Torres on the left,the latter took on West Ham's defenders and scored when the angle was against him. Diamanti brought West Ham level with the penalty. Liverpool reacted with Gerrard's header from a corner kick. It was going in but Kuyt had a faint touch on the ball so the goal was credited to him. Steven says he wants the goal

4 minutes later, Carlton Cole scored a header from a corner. He got in between 3 Liverpool players; Carra, Torres and Skrtel. Skrtel could have done more though. Cole had half a yard of space between him and Skrtel, and he outjumped Skrtel.

I haven't said this for a long time, but Babel played well when he came in. His pace and runs caused problem to West Ham's defense, and that was a quality cross from the right side for Torres to head in. Man of the match: Fernando Torres. I think the whole team played pretty okay last night albeit few mistakes, but it was Torres who made a difference.

Everyone was already blaming our zonal marking for Cole's goal, but did they see that West Ham concede from an easy corner? It was due to individual mistakes that we conceded. Is Carra losing it? Might be a problem to us since Agger is still injured. Anyways, another win, another 3 points. =)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I think I'm heading for a breakdown. I'm hyperventilating and cussing out loud as I write this.

They say bad things happen in 3.

First, raya holiday on the 21st is canceled.
Second, we just got our jurnal today and we're supposed to write assignments about ALL topics of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. It took me 1 month to finish that assignment in 3rd year and now I have to complete the assignment for 3rd and 4th year in 2 weeks.
Third, they put up an announcement on the notice board today saying that whoever remain absent on the 21st of September (raya day) will be marked absent for 10days in addition to the absent period.


I don't see any logical explanation in this, not that they gave us any.
The Dean, however, has a reputation of being a Muslim hater.
I still remember in 1st year when we asked permission from him to be exempted from any Hindu religious ceremony,he said no. We asked for 10min to pray, he said no. We told him we we're devout Muslims, we practice our religion. He said you have to abandon your religion if you ever want to succeed in your career. He said how can you stop to pray when you're doing long operation? We explained to him that it's totally a different matter. He didn't pause to listen,didn't let us explain and kept giving us bullshit excuses.

Well, Dr. V.D. Patil, I'd never thought I'd say this, but may you rot in hell. May you be granted eternal damnation.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lucas: I am not Xabi Aloso

Lucas said he is not Xabi Alonso, according to this.

Damn right you're not.

"Now we have another style of football, and I am being asked to go forward more than Xabi did."
NO, we do not want you to get forward more often than Xabi did. I mean, it helps, but we need someone to play the midfield from deep so that Steven Gerrard can concentrate on getting forward and not wasting his energy and time tracking back, so you need to provide us the service and anchorage Xabi gave last season. However, if Mascherano is playing, I think you're quite free to go more forward, that gives us for option in attacking coz you can play the one-twos with our other attackers and keep it simple.

"I have to always prove I have the quality to be in the team."
Oh yeah you sure have to Mr.Leiva.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Eduardo's two-match ban is lifted. He's free to play against Standard Liege in Champions League group stage.

UEFA is practically screaming that the players can dive all they want, coz if UEFA tries to punish them, the clubs would dig in all the dives committed since the beginning of time and it would take an eternal for UEFA to punish them all, and in the end there will probably be no players eligible to be named on the squads anymore.

UEFA, FA ad FIFA can get together to make a conglomerate of incompetent organisations. FAM can join too for that matter.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ferguson thinks the ref was wrong to send Paul Scholes off, according to this.

FA fined Rafa not long ago when Rafa didn't even use the word WRONG.

This is getting out of hand. Ferguson and Manchester United can get away with anything.

vs Burnley@Anfield

It's 4-0. 4 is officially my favourite number now.. ^_^

We started a bit slow. Burnley had the first chance on goal. In the first 20minutes or so, frustrated Liverpool were restricted to long range shots by Torres,Kuyt and Gerrard. Then Benayoun found a space in between Burnley defenders and gave Jensen no chance. A fine starting goal. After that goal, everything clicked into place. Benayoun could have had 4 if it's not for the dubious offside call. He was onside ref, only Torres and Kuyt were offside. Black hair, blonde hair, see the difference? Didn't matter, he got his hatrick.

Well, we started with Stevie and Lucas in the central midfield, Benayoun and Riera on both flanks, Carra ad Skrtel at the heart of the defence and Insua and Johnson at full backs, with Torres and Kuyt leading the attack. Then halfway through the 1st half, Rafa signaled for a tactical change. Kuyt moved more toward the right side and Benayoun was given the license to roam. A decision proved worthy. Gerrard started from deeper and was quiet for the first 20 minutes or so, but then ran the midfield and his usual forward bombardings.

Benayoun was exceptional. I'd give him 9/10. But what's more impressive is that Lucas performed well. He bulked up in the summer and definitely looked stronger. There was a scene in the 2nd half where we displayed a sloppy defensive play, and it was Lucas who finally managed to bring the ball out of the area. He used his body to block a bigger Burnley player and got the ball out of dangerous area,an impressive strength for a man of his size. He passed well too albeit some of his trademark sideways and backward passing, but he kept the ball flowing and gave chance to Stevie to get forward often. We need a player like this,like how Alonso used to do for us,the reason Gerrard-Torres partnership was so successful.

Benayoun the picked up the ball at the edge of the area and shot. Jensen couldn't handle it and Kuyt,always the opportunist punished him from the rebound. Half-time break came at a wrong time,we were on fire.

Nice team play for the 3rd goal between Torres,Gerrard and Benayoun. Torres picked up the ball at the right side of the area and passed to Gerrard, Gerrard with his timely run picked up the pass perfectly, got past defenders, feigned a shot and passed the ball to Benayoun for a simple tap-in with the keeper already defeated.

Then Liverpool got a freekick after Gerrard was fouled at the left side of the area. Gerrard took the freekick, Benayoun scored but he was deemed offside when he was not.Ughh. Nevermind, his treble came with a smart assist from Voronin. The funny thing is that everyone thought he was offside,and even he took a second longer before taking a shot. A thoroughly deserved hatrick.

Gerrard was guilty of not scoring. He got past 4 defenders, rounded the keeper, but then the angle was so acute he only managed to hit the post. Frustration and disappointment were evident on his expression. The other chance was the Voronin's backheel, but he only managed to shoot straight to Jansen. And if it wasn't for Jansen, we would be having a Gerrard special last night in the form of a wicked twisted ball in the upper right corner of the net.

Torres didn't have the brightest night, but with he present on he field, he was sure to drag at least 2 defenders alongside him, thus opening the space and opportunity for his teammates to do the job. Riera was quite disapointing in the 1st half, but he must be in the receiving end of Rafa's halftime break verbal abuse that he upped his performance in the 2nd half.

Johnson wasn't able to go forward as much as he liked initially in the absence of Mascherano to cover his defensive track but as the game progressed he got more forward and helped with the attack.Generally an okay performance for someone who was being put under scrutiny for his England performance. Insua gave a solid defensive display too. That was a good cross for Benayoun to head in. Reina was a mere spectator for a large part of the game but not disappointing when called upon. His distribution is the best in business. Sktel who has just returned from injury didn't have a great night,the physical presence of Burnley players seemed to bother him a bit.Oh how I missed the bitchface.Haha.Carra was as rock solid as always.

Oh, and does Rafa have a varicose vein over his forehead? I could see the dilated, tortuous vein during his after-match press conference. Too much to think,eh? Think well Rafa, for we want to win EPL this year.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boring week.
Watched the England-Slovenia game with my eyes half-closed.
And I'm still waiting for what Ferguson has to say about Rooney's 'unintentional' dive after his comment regarding UEFA's punishment on Eduardo last week.
Lets see what the hypocrite's got to say.
And I can't believe Gerrard's defending him. Shrek must have lied to him.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Watched Bolton vs Liverpool last night.
The performance wasn't up to the mark, but we won, so it's fine.
Our new signing whose name I still don't know how to pronounce or spell looked fine except for few nervous moments. It's never wise to keep the ball longer than a second in your own area. And he could deal with aerial threat, the one aspect we're currently lacking a bit since Sami left.
The 2 Bolton goals were defensive mistakes.
Steven saved us yet again. Great comeback after that dismal performance in the previous game.
Lucas..well he didn't play that well,not that any of us expected him to, but there were a few moments of good forward passes apart from the usual backward n sideway passes which are trademark of his, and he won the ball back when he lost it.
Great play buildup between Benayoun,Torres,Gerrard and Voronin toward the end of the game.
Well, international breaks. It's gonna be a boring week.
Oh yeah, Glen Johnson is worth every penny!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alonso finally admits that Rafa was the reason he left Liverpool. Ha! Tell me about it.

By the way Xabi, we're missing you at the midfield.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Shallow Can You Get?

Met a Man U fan today who doesn't know who Eric Cantona is.
Yes, Eric freaking Cantona!!
Exactly how shallow, how glory hunting can you get?
It's like a Liverpool fan not aware of the existence of Kenny Dalglish, not that they are comparable though.
His answer was: I wasn't born when he was playing.
Err, dude, neither was I, but I'm sure I've heard of that infamous flying kung fu kick somewhere sometime.

(Well, strictly speaking, we were already born when he was playing, it's just that our mental facilities had not developed enough to fully appreciate the beauty of the game).

Friday, August 28, 2009

vs Bolton

I will miss the game tomorrow. My friends are coming over from Salem, Tamil Nadu tomorrow and they want me to bring them to Goa. Crazy ones. Goa in bulan puasa? Of course I love Goa, but I wanna swim! Nanti tertelan air laut batal plak posa.Haih. And we surely can't go hiking when we're fasting,can we? Well, we'll try, but I don't think we're gonna make it up to the top of the hill. So I'm gonna miss Man United-Arsenal game as well.

So have you heard? Steven Gerrard is getting sued by the DJ he punched during the nightclub brawl. That explains the reason why he looked preoccupied during the Villa game. Feel free to speculate and find excuse for our captain's dismal performance.

So we had a demo for Class III composite restoration today. Dr. Uppin said we can start taking Class III cases, but I don't think we will. Huhu. Life in final year, particularly in Cons department where I'm posted now is getting more and more unbearable day by day.

Oh, I think I need to mention this as well. I find myself not attracted to Torres anymore. Now I'm crazy about Edward Cullen. But I have to admit, if i didn't know Robert Pattinson was gonna play Edward in Twilight the movie or if Mudin hadn't given me the Twilight book, I might have found both the book and the movie very teenager-like and I might have not liked them at all. Now that the situation's reversed, I find Twilight very romantic. Impossible but romantic. Stephenie Meyer combines Dracula, vampires, werewolf, even Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet together with a little twist of her own imagination. When Jacob and the werewolves come into the picture, it gets hilarious. Can't wait for Midnight Sun, Edward's version of Twilight.

On a lighter note, Liverpool got a fairly easy group in the Champions League Group Stage. Don't know if we're ever gonna make it to the final though. Sometimes I feel like the whole point of my existence here on Earth is only to moan and make negative comments. Haih will try to be more optimistic, but no promise here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yeah lets blame Lucas and only Lucas

There's nothing much to write really. I got so fed up watching the game last night that I carried on chatting with my friend online who was also fed up with the way the game was going on.

I guess we started okay. The first chance came when Torres chipped the ball toward Benayoun who hesitated and couldn't direct the header past Friedel. Then there was a scramble between Torres, Gerrard and Benayoun so close to the opener it was almost unbelievable. Torres slipped when he was taking the shot and the ball fell to Gerrard who was almost largely invisible in the first half and who also couldn't put the ball into the net despite having two good chances there, partly due to end number of human bodies in white shirt on the line.

Well, Lucas. He kept the ball flowing but then gifted Aston Villa a freekick in 35-yard area and also scored for Aston Villa. That just sums up his night, even I can't back him up today. He's back to his old self. Alonso was sorely missed. The non-existence of a genuine playmaker in Liverpool's play last night was very noticeable. Gerrard played badly, especially in the 1st half. I would have expected Rafa to play Gerrard deeper alongside Mascherano, but Rafa only listened to my desperate pleading halfway through the 2nd half. Then Curtis Davies scored a glancing header from a corner (was it?) , and Carra could have done more with it.

Torres got a goal but could have had more. Nice cross from Insua who was under pressure but still managed to get the ball to Torres who then pushed the ball into the net. Friedel was one of the reasons why we didn't manage to score more. The game last night was nothing like the last time Villa came to Anfield. This time they learned their lesson. They kept the game tight, giving no player no time and space on the ball.

And just went we thought we could turn this around, Gerrard fouled someone, was it Reo-Coker? inside the penalty box. The referee gave a penalty and Ashley Young converted it succesfully. That's it. Game over. Liverpool 1 Aston Villa 3. I found more muse in the absolutely gorgeous Edward Cullen last night. Watched Twilight twice. The distraction I need, since Torres' pretty face is not so perfect anymore with that black eye. Pale is the new tan. Cheers.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I think I'm dying. This feeling is asphyxiating, no doubt about it.

The reason being; I haven't watched any of the Liverpool games this season!

Why are they not broadcasting midweek games live anymore?

I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the game last night coz I was too stupid not to check ESPN tv listing on the web first.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alberto Aquilani

The new Liverpool signing has started watching friendlies and training at the academy although he is sidelined for injury for one month. One month!

Meanwhile, Rafa said that Aquilani is an attacking player who can play between the lines, maybe between Gerrard and Torres. From what I see in Youtube videos, his positioning sense is good, quicker than Alonso, can shoot from a distance, and unlike Alonso, can provide final passes as he plays more forward. The drawbacks; people say he is injury prone, passing quality can't be completely analysed from youtube videos, plus he needs time to settle down in new league,new surrounding,new culture,new food,new everything.

I was bored to death at SMK Chukai yesterday listening to my friend Cha's guide after SPM to a bunch on Form 5 students when I thought about a hypothetical situation that would be happening at Liverpool following departure of Alonso and arrival of Aquilani.

Aquilani plays a little forward as compared to Alonso who sometimes was positioned even in line with the centre backs. We usually play from direct play from deep with Alonso hitting a 20,30,40,50-yard pass straight toward the forward, Stevie or the wingers. Now that Alonso is gone, who's gonna feed the ball to Torres, Gerrard and co? Masherano would still play deep of course (provided that he stays) but passing isn't his best attribute. And he lacks discipline in positioning, what with the forward bombardings all the time! But thanks largely due to his unbelievable stamina, he always manages to get back and does his primary job, even manages to give a hand to the fullbacks!

In my opinion, there would be 4 solutions that I could think of
1. Stevie drops deep and plays midfield all around like he used to do, but he's the best attacking midfielder in the league there is. So his talent is a bit wasted this way, and we wouldn't see the magical partnership with Torres, albeit one of these days I would like to see this partnership broken as sometimes they try too hard to set each other up.
2. We start playing and building attacks by way of short passes. This is where Lucas could play his part which he did best during his spell that earned him some golden ball award in Gremio.
3. Aquilani plays behind Gerrard as box-to-box midfielder playing short passes, of his long passes are as good as Alonso's he could hit long passes like Alonso did as well.
4. Agger plays, bringing the ball out of defence area, with Mascherano covering temporarily at the centre back when Agger goes forward.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Community Shield

I didn't watch the match but I heard Man U lost. Good enough for me. Haha As usual when Man U lost, we'll hear that someone whining for 2 weeks non stop. Did you have a PHd in the art of whining or what?? Don't care about Ballack's foul on Evra, only result count for me. Hehe

LFC lost to Atletico but Lucas scored. I hope I won't be defending him for nothing next season. Please give me excuse to defend you Mr. Leiva.

And Blair sure hates Alex Gerrard. And I wonder why.

I have my doubt about LFC's campaign in this coming season. I know I said I wasn't worried, but now I am. Damn you Xabi. Why couldn't you handed the official tramsfer request a little earlier? Aquilani belom ape2 lagi dah injured for a month! Haih. So Lucas haters, this particular ongoing circumstance is not going as well as you hope because Lucas is very likely to play. What's your say Bro Beemer? hehe jangan marah ek..-D

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adios Alonso,Arbeloa

I KNOW I said it's OK to let Xabi go if he really wanted to go but still.

It's a great loss.

Why Xabi, why? You aren't even sure if u actually get to play at Real Madrid.

(talk about sour grapes)

I'm at home now, in Malaysia for a 2-week vacation. I'd like to write more, I'd like to pour down my whole emotion here, I really do, but I hate this 14-year-old keyboard. My Abah got this keyboard in 1995 when he first bought a PC. Since then. no keyboards worked except this ancient,sclerodermatic keyboard. Others would be of use for a few months then they would eventually break down on their own account. And I can't figure out how to connect my laptop to the internet. Buta teknologi.

With Alvaro Arbeloa also gone, Liverpool are back to the same condition we went thru last season, if not worse. Worse, as far as central midfield position is concerned, and same,as far as right back position is concerned. We're back to one right back and we lose one central mifielder. Lucas will be able to do the work to a certain extent, but only to that certain extent, if you know what I mean. Does this mean Stevie will be pushed back to central midfield and Torres be given a striking partner that is Voronin? Or will Yossi be given more shots at central midfield where he does best? We probably may not see Stevie in his most lethal form next season, as a second striker.

And then there is an issue about that old prick again. Is he losing his mind? The season has hardly started and he has already started to bicker with Rafa Benitez. If you wanna know my take on this, I think this whole 'mind game' is hillarious. Who is Alex Ferguson to question Rafa Benitez's achievement with Liverpool? That senile old dickhead probably doesn't even remember his own history!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

the verdict: acquitted!!

Steven Gerrard has been given a not guilty verdict by the Liverpool Crown Court in spite of the CCTV footage showing it was Steven who threw the first punch. With speed and power of that of a professional boxer, according to the prosecutor.
That's a good thing for Liverpool albeit I was half-expecting Steven to be found guilty.
Thanks a bunch to the failed prosecution.haha.

The Alonso saga has not stopped and it's been driving me crazy. Yes it's tabloid talks but with Alonso himself refusing to rule out move to Bernabeu, it still can happen. If Alonso is going to stay, what will be of his attitude in this coming season? Will he sulk or brood or play a silent revenge toward Rafa n Liverpool for not letting him go? Will he still give his all in his every game? Will he still be among the hardest working Liverpool players and will he still cover most miles in one game as given in Uefa's Champions League statistics?

People have been talking about Liverpool's preseason form which is usually impressive, but I'm not worried at all. Rafa has been fielding young players to give them experience and trying new technique and experiment and he is unlikely to continue doing so when the season starts.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

enough of the cuteness fest!! it's bleedin nauseatin!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Okay I just noticed that I can actually write pages long without actually writing anything as evident here in few of my posts.
Liverpool 1 Thailand 1. And Skrtel and El Zhar are injured. Isn't Agger injured too? This is going to be a problem.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

in your eyes

Rain rain rain. It rains everyday and we can't help it. Still can't bring myself to study for practical exams this Friday. Too damn lazy. Been doing a lot lately without actually doing anything worthwhile doing, such as this blog. Been doing lots of money spending as the folks back home kirim this and that like kain sari, cotton, buku, etc etc. My umi even asked me to bring back a stainless steel wok! Boleh pengsan la.

Been running around my living room when I can't get out to gym. I have vowed to keep fit and to slow down the development of any potential unwanted and unsynchronised overgrowth in my body which I'm pretty sure is going on quite well as we speak. SO. Been getting my fitness back albeit slowly. Heart rate's back to 60-65 beats per minute, not sure bout BP. And..this is probably the hardest of all..I've cut all the unnecessary carbs and fats and those in-between meal Pringles. But don't know how long it will last. I'm not famous for high motivation. haha

What makes me want to be healthy again?

Few reasons.

1. I need to get rid of those unsightly spare tyre. so that I could fit into most of my jeans and tops again without having something protruding shamefully from my belly.
2. I freaked out after having palpitation for a few days after the operation. I'm so afraid there is something wrong with my heart coz the handsome anaesthesiologist told me that my pulse rhythm is irregular.
3. Since I'm pretty sure I'll get cancer sooner or later given my family and personal history, I'd rather get it later rather than sooner. I wanna enjoy life before I die. I do not want diabetes, hypertension and heart disease accelerate the development of cancer.
4. Trinity is coming in October so I need to get extra fit now coz the tournament will be in the winter. Cold air is suffocating. Last winter I could only manage 5 laps before I was out of breath. This year we want to win!


Monday, July 20, 2009

100% redundant

Owen scores again? Damn. haha I've always wanted Rafa to sign him back ever since I see him wasting his time and talent at Newcastle United but then the decision is not mine to make. The boss knows better.=)

They said the future of Alonso will be sorted in 24hours. I want Xabi to stay but if his heart is not at it, there is no use of him staying.

I hope Mascherano will stay now that the speculation of Barca wanting to sign him is no longer around.

On a lighter note, today we all the Malaysians in perantauan stuck in Belgaum, India had dinner with Mr.Khairuddin, Consule Education the Consulate General Office in Chennai. Free dinner beb, at the most expensive hotel in Belgaum.hehe. But the food was mediocre. I ate one helping of everything on the buffet table and 3 helpings of caramel pudding and vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate.ahaha. I refused to wear baju kurung today coz it was raining and I was going there by bike. But i decided against my better judgement to put on a little mascara and eyeliner. When I arrived at the hotel, I went straight to the restroom to find that I have smudged mascara and eyeliner all over my face.haha. Damn u Maybelline and Clinique. You promise your products are waterproof.Nevermind, I clean up the mess but didn't touch up as I dont usually carry makeups in my handbags except for the must-have lip balm and compact powder then I dried up my blouse using the hand dryer.and I dont know why am I telling you this.haha

Malaysia XI

Well, if Liverpool were gonna play against the Malaysia XI tonight I can't be sure who am I gonna root for but the news about 'fans' booing the Malaysian players everytime they make a stray pass breaks my heart. Please support Malaysia peeps. We know they are never going to be as good as Manchester United but support is all that they need, and it doesn't take all of your monthly wages to do so, ain't it? By the way I'm proud of the lads. They almost managed to hold Manchester United to a draw if it's not for that 'Judas'. haha

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mr. Xabi and the big spenders

Looks like Xabi's move to Real Madrid is inevitable.
He was planning a talk with Rafa to persuade Rafa to let him go.
If he went, then Liverpool have a problem.
No one can run the midfield like Alonso does, not even Steven Gerrard.
Will the departure of Alonso make Rafa push Steven back to the midfield where he once belonged?
Or will Alonso stay?

Friday, July 17, 2009

boredom drives me here

I am so bored.
Been browsing thru Blair's blog.
Alex Gerrard and Cheryl Cole are looking fantastic.
I wish I have their wardrobe and all the time in the world to pamper miself like that. (and the money their husbands makes).=p

a highly unlikely scenario

(I suggest you read this is Andy Gray's intonation)

Torres sprinting towards the ball after a super ball from Gerrard, but oh, Evra got there first and cleared the ball, corner kick for Liverpool in the 87th minute at Anfield. Well this is good chance for Liverpool to strengthen their 1-0 lead with Torres' goal early in the second half..a copy from last year's epic encounter at the Old Trafford in fact but this time it's Ferdinand who got to taste a little shoving by Torres.. Gerrard takes, Vidic clears, falls towards..Carrick. Carrick passes to Park, Park runs with the ball, passes it to.. Owen! He's on the run..Mascherano coming to cover but I don't think he's gonna make it, Johnson comes sliding but no, Owen's too good for that..Owen with the ball, and he, oh my, nutmegs Carragher! He's one on one with Reina now, plays a little dummy there, Reina's already fallen in the wrong direction, he SHOOTS! and oh, over the crossbar. Looks like Manchester United have to go back to the Theatre of Wet Dreams with another humiliating defeat and another zero point.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

cont: michael james owen
i hyperventilated upon reading the report that the biggest scum of a club have signed a player who used to be a kopites' favourite.

Owen u pompous selfish ungrateful sum of a beach. (n0 pun intended for mrs. owen. that's why i spell it that way). how could u???

u left when we needed u most.
u said u left in search for European glory, which Liverpool were unlikely to deliver.
but after u left, we got along just fine. we even got the mightiest European glory of all time. then we sign an unarguably fine striker that is Fernando Torres.
In simple words, we probably haven't been missing u at all, Mikey.

But still..
I would be lying if I say I do not care that Owen is now a Manchester United player. Their no 7, in fact, sharing the number with other Manchester United legends. I shudder to think of the possibility of Owen becoming THEIR legend but that would probably not gonna happen.

Liverpool fans across the world have been indifferent to this shocking signing. But for me, who grow up watching Michael Owen score goals, it's been hard.

I'm not exaggerating when I say my love affair with Liverpool Football Club started with Michael Owen. When i first laid my eyes on him (on tv, of course), I did not know a thing about football. The first thing I noticed about football was that joy on the players' faces, their passions translated into their reactions on football pitches, and I noticed all these when I first saw the game that Owen scored. I don't remember which game though. Then i came across a Michael Owen poster, a promotional poster by Pepsi for World Cup 1998, quoted: i have always wanted to be a footballer.....(dont remember) doesn't matter whether u or ur teammates score, what matters is that ur team win the game. and i thought: wow, this guy is a star yet he is so humble and selfless. made me like him even more. (and he is kinda cute.)

Who could forget that FA Cup final against Arsenal which Owen single-handedly won for us?
Then...he left us for Real Madrid. I thought I would change my allegiance since Owen was the reason I supported Liverpool in the first place..I thought my allegiance would leave Liverpool together with Owen..I thought I would pledge allegiance to Real..I thought Real was my new passion..well, it was, but it was also a short-lived one.

Then I realised that nothing, NOTHING could ever change the way I feel about Liverpool.
I am a Red for life.
I bleed Red.

With that said, I wish Owen all the very best for the future, but on the other hand I dont want him to succeed coz that would prove Slur Alex was right to sign him..just please dont score against Liverpool like Keane did..=p

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

because he says so

came across an interview of mr. xabi alonso by a Spanish radio station few days ago. When asked whether he would regret staying at Liverpool next season, he said something like, "no ser puedo, no se....responde...." (sorry i dont speak spanish) and after that he paused and sais something like, "no ser............." (again sorry i dont speak spanish. the translatation goes like this: when asked whether he would regret he decision to stay at liverpool in the future, he paused and said,"no, i can't answer that question, i can't repond to that question". then he paused again and said,"no,no, not at all."

then came another interview. this time, when asked if he is currently happy with liverpool or is planning to move somewhere, xabi responded by saying,"yes, i am happy with liverpool but i don't know what's going to happen in the future."

this is where people start making speculations.ridiculous ones, i may add.

when he says he's happy, it means he's happy.
when he says he doesnt know whats going to happen in the future, dat means he doesnt have a crystal ball, neither is he a God!

xabi,masherano,stay.dont u dare go anywhere.
what's this fuss with everyone suddenly wanting to buy liverpool chelsea have entered the bid for torres.dream on lads,dream on.

Monday, June 15, 2009

because nando ate kiwis for dinner

i decided to use 90 minutes of the time i was supposed to use to study for pedodontic end posting exam last night to watch confeds game between spain and new zealand. not that i expected lotsa action, just cant resist the opportunity to watch football in this football-deprived time of the year.

nando was a class act. the non existing marking of him helped but nevertheless that was a good performance especially for goal no.1.

riera was lively with few assists. he had a hand in 2 of torres' goals. and guess what, guess what, he shot with his right foot! who said this guy doesnt have a right he got picked ahead of david silva,was silva injured? he looked fine to me when he came in.

alonso made a couple of mistakes but nevertheless he did enough at the centre of midfield, taking senna's role playing deeper just in front of the back for.was senna injured?

fabregas was fantastic. he should hv got more assists to his name if its not for the linesman who was practically acting like new zealand's 12th man.xavi was relatively quite but it was ur energy for the opponents who worth it.

villa was relatively quiet if u want to compare him to torres tonight but had 1 assist for torres' tap in goal and torres returned the favour afterward.

albiol was probably saving energy for the next match n we certainly cant blame him for that. not that he had much to do. puyol was always eager to go forward. unlucky his cross was a bit too high for ramos to head.

ramos went forward quite often but then left the space for new zealand to initiate the attack. capdevilla was awesome though. he linked well with riera on the left hand side n provided a few crosses and assists.

keeping track on egypt-brazil match. score line is currently 3-3. the 2nd egypt goal was a screamer. zidan scores the 3rd goal. i heard ppl mention bout this lad several times on the net,how good is he?

well my end posting exam went well.19/25 isnt bad according to the department's standard. my friend manages to score 20 though, so that made me the 2nd highest scorer.hahaha.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

because i need a place to rest my head

i am currently posted in pedodontics@pediatric dentistry department.
i screwed up my first restorative case real bad. if i were in somewhere civilised i would probably be consulting an attorney right now. bless this uncivilised nation.
and she..damn she is a nice kid.
i have never met a child who does not scream during her visit to dentist.

name: kumari spoorti k. katrale (spoorti)
age: 8
gender: female.

it's true.she doesnt shed even a drop of tear. she is probably the most quiet and obedient kid i have ever met.bless the parents who did a brilliant job bringing this sweet little creature into life.

me: (doing the cavity preparation)
spoorti: (moving moving a bit)
me: novu? (pain?)
spoorti: nods.
me: novu solpa solpa aur jashtri? (sakit sikit ke byk?)
spoorti: nods.
me: novu solpa solpa? (sakit sikit?)
spoorti: nods.
me: novu jashtri? (sakit banyak?)
spoorti: nods.
me: hanya mampu garu kepala.

i'm juggling a lot of things at the same time. kids,denture,exam,etc.
i need a break.a vacation. a place to rest my head.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the story of an ugly duckling

found this somewhere..omg it's hillarious! kill me already!

There once was an ugly duckling, his name was Charlie T. He did all the right things, at all the right times, yet his manager ignored his pleas.

Instead, the praise and playing time, it went to the showponies; the Brits, the stars, Macheda, and Park, but never poor Charlie T.

The fans, they roared, the critics, applaud, but something was still awry. Was it his hair? His face? His size? His race? Or the bad guys at MSI?

£30 million, they said - the price on his head - at this, the manager scoffed. The fee was too much - perhaps, just a touch - but then what about Berbatov?

The ongoing perplexion over his constant rejection can't be an issue of morals. Go back to Rossi, Pique, Forlan and certainly, there were no quarrels.

And then against Manchester City, the duckling scored a screamer, admittedly his first in a while. The stadium erupted, his team-mates loved it, but from the boss, not so much as a smile.

Then the 'golden boy' and 'actor', CR7, was subbed and snapped at his colleagues. The crowd weren't impressed, nor were the rest, but the manager remained completely jolly.

The duckling was choked, surely, this was a joke? He didn't know what else it meant. He wanted desperately to stay, the pretty one went astray, yet the boss supported his dissent.

So he can cry and moan, and always act like a kid? Just because the boss must keep him happy, so he doesn't move to Real Madrid?

Now they're trying to bend the rules, thinking that they're cool, trying to get him for free. They don't want to pay, wasn't that Wenger's way? This is getting very silly.

But what's done is done and the boss will see, when he's gone. Whether sky blue or all red at England, black and blue at Italy or all white at Spain, this ugly duckling will soon be a graceful swan.

disclaimer: i do not claim this is my work.thanks in advance for not suing me.

and with that,roland garros has offically ended

svetlana kuznetsova wins the women's final.
roger federer wins the men's final,defeating soderling straight sets.

a word from roger: thank u so damn much soderling..without u in the final yestersay i would never have won the french open..please do eliminate nadal in wimbledon please..i want to win my 6th wimbledon title..i want to win my 15th grand slam title..i want to break pete sampras' record..see i m so close now..please have a pity on me soderling..

p/s: only last night i came to know he speaks french, fluently. well u cant blame me.he's never won a french open before,who would have known he speaks fluent french? he never made a speech in french...haha n his wife's pregnant.lovely peeps,just lovely.congratulations.=)

Friday, June 5, 2009

roland garros final

it's a federling final!
but boy it was close!

women's final is between safina n kuznetsova. not sure if i got the spelling right.

well well well men's double.the pride of india leander paes in in the final again.

wish all of them the very best of luck. i havent decided who to support. might as well enjoy the game as a neutral=)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

summer.roland garros.transfer news.

summer is by far the most boring season of all.oh gawd i m bored like epl in the weekends to watch.well summer coincides with my final exam,which is a good thing.only there are roland garros n wimbledon to watch.n euro last summer.n wc next summer.

well now dat nadal is out of roland garros i hv absolutely no idea who to support.i love how elegant federer plays but the main reason i support nadal is that i back him to stop roger's domination last time.but this time around,as we all r quite privileged to witness,nadal is beatable.he is,after all,a human.but to say this,i m not satisfied with the way he played against soderling.i mean,who is this soderling bloke?seeded 23 i know,but to be honest i hv never watched the guy played before.back to nadal. he had shown the weak part of his game;the backhand slice,which soderling fully took advantage on.i flinched away everytime nadal sliced as soderling wud always return with high speed top spin to the right places.n he kept on repeating the same mistake over n over felt like watching bartoli skinned henin in wimbledon 2 years ago.hahaha.i quite fancy a nadal-verdasco quarter final after their entertaining encounter in the australian open,but verdasco lost to davydenko in the 4th round,then davydenko lost to soderling in the quarter semifinal now are the matches btween federer n del potro n btween gonzalez n soderling.federer n soderling have my full backing they will be in the final (as if this will make a difference in the game).

transfer news, or transfer rumours ,as it is more appropriately called, is driving me crazy. how many more days can i stand logging in to football website n reading news (read: rumours) about xabi's done 'deal' with real madrid. this perez guy will never stop, wont he?xabi is not going anywhere! he's ours! liverpool's! i dont think kaka will sign for real madrid either.n i really want real to sign cristiano crybaby ronaldo so that i dont hv to squint my eyes watching him trying to take on one too many players with his exceptional n eye-pleasing dribbling skills which is only a little superior to the defending skills of derby defenders,fail n fall,writhing down the floor in agony week in,week spain he will meet his match.cant wait to see that happening soon as i sooo enjoyed myself watching the champions league final vs barca. oh yeah, gareth barry signs for manchester city because he wants to play european football. let's see.he is now 27. mark hughes needs at least 2 more seasons to 'rebuild' his squad that can qualify for europa league. by that time, barry will be 29. seems like he's taking a step back here.n yeah, barry goes to manchester city so that he can play in his preferred position more often. as if he wasnt doing that in villa already. but to villa fans, he's 'really sorry'. manchester city sell-out.

torres is married n wanted to make the ceremony private.good for you.but the other part of me refuses to believe that he is married until i see a photo evidence.seriously guys, a photo of the wedding wouldnt hurt,would it? i heard olalla wore a red dress. i wonder wat was fernando wearing? a tux? suit? i always love men in suit..=D i dont care is he's married,he's still hot.n the fact that he is married makes him unavailable, which also makes him hotter n more desirable.hahaha.

whatever u are doing, please DO NOT take the last stanza seriously.its in the middle of the night n its just my delusional subconscious mind talking.enjoy the summer.Spain for the confederations cup.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

post plg x guna kot =P

me n my friends were talking football after our surgery paper.he said: hey why do u people kutuk ronaldo so much? he's a good player n u know it.u'd hv him in ur team any day,wouldnt u?

my first reaction was: no! of course not!

but on 2nd thought...

yeah,why not? i mean, as a fringe player la,as a back up to kuyt.u know things ppl say bout liverpool not hving enough depth in their squad,perhaps ronaldo is the perfect solution? we can play him at the right flank when kuyt has to be rested, or as back up striker to torres.perfect!

and with that, i inserted the key into the ignition,started my scooter n took off, leaving my sweet little friend there fuming.hahaha.

it didnt end there. after exam i went to another friend's house who is also a man u fan. when i reached there her brother was playing football manager. then her brother bocorkan rahsia that she has fernando torres in her football manager team. after that we all made fun of her for hours. her excuse was: abih tu dah xde lg prolific striker yg best!! hahaha mane pegi ur 30mil buy baby...=D

good day.hahaha.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

ok sorry for breaking my promise to write more bout the champions league final.wud like to write about sami hyypia n summary of this indifferent season but never got around to it,preliminary exam tomorrow,final exm in a month so time is very limited.maybe next time.=)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

a battle between a seasoned manager and his rookie counterpart

just a quick note on the last final's game. it was almost an anti climax. man u didnt look like they wanted to retain the titles. xavi and iniesta were unplayable. united's midfield were non existent. who on earth would put carrick n anderson to deal with xavi n iniesta? anderson was a mere spectator on the field, he didnt do anthg to close messi down,or perhaps he didnt know who to mark coz there were always xavi n iniesta to do the work. how on earth a 5ft 4 player probably the shortest player on the pitch ws let go by 6ft+ central defenders n permitted to score a HEADER? shocking! eto's goal was crucial bt nothing special either,he skinned vidic on the way n slotted the ball past van der sar in the NEAR insult.

gotta go.detailed analysis n opinion will follow later.going to hv very nice day with non stop screaming kids.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

because they can continue to talk shit all they want.

i stumble across some links posted by man u fans fren of mine on facebook today. this is the 1st link he posted:

and he labeled the link as: jose wannabe maybe...but failing miserably.

n then there is the comment from another man u fan fren of mine in relation to the link:
biar le die,, mourinho pun season pertama dah mng epl,,
dah berapa thn tak mng ape2 trophy????? kena jerit kuat2 kat telinga die ^_^

ok. 1st of all, rafa is NOT a jose mourinho wanna be.we love rafa the way he is,thanks,pun intended. mourinho season pertama dh menang epl. dont we all remember what rafa brought home for us in his very 1st season with liverpool? yeah maybe not EPL trophy but inarguably one of the sweetest victory ever.will be etched permanently in the deepest,darkest part of our hearts,in fact. dont we all remember how much did mourinho spend to 'rebuild' the chelsea squad left by raneiri the first season he took over chelsea? i dont hv the exact figure,but i bet we all vaguely remember,no? and dont we all remember the shape of liverpool squad rafa inherited from wholier? it amuses me sometimes that players like biscan,traore,josemi,cisse actually hv a champions league medal to their names. but yet rafa was the manager responsible to pull out the absolute rabbit from a hat in istanbul.

look what i found in this wonderful world of world wide web:
In Rafa's 5 years with Liverpool, his stats are like this...

G:281 W:158 D:64 L:59

WIN% = 55.52%

Even though Fergie has been with United almost 5 times longer than Rafa's reign on Mersyside, his win% is very close to Rafa's...

G: 1257 W:733 D:299 L:225

WIN% = 58.31%

Worthwhile mentioning?

from the article:
And when we talk about funds, how do wonder-signings like Robbie Keane factor into the equation, exactly?

The most expensive squads (excluding players out on long-term loan) are as follows:

Chelsea £207m
Manchester United £206m*
Spurs £188m
Manchester City £140m
Liverpool £127m

(*£226m if Carlos Tevez's deal made permanent, given that it is initially a unique two-year £10m agreement, and very different from 99.9 of transfer deals. Effectively United are winning games with a £30m player.)

how many rafa's buy exceeds 20mil?
torres.keane.fullstop. n keane wasnt even his's rick parry's.rafa hs always wanted gareth barry all along.

i know u know.rooney.hargreaves.ferdinand.just to name a few.he can also afford to buy yougsters such as ronaldo (12.5mil), anderson (17mil), the serbian twins (18mil), macheda (11mil), nani(17mil) to strengthen his squad in the future. rafa on the other hand, bought ngog for 1.5mil,lucas 6mil.babel is the most expensive,11.5mil. i know this list is probably flawed coz it isnt complete.need to do more research on the matter.i ll continue the research later when i hv time.

Then to top it all off, he even refused to congratulate Sir Alex Ferguson personally for his incredible achievements this season.

remember what slur alex commented after liverpool thrashed man u at their own backyard?
" we were the better team". n btw,rafa did congratulate the manchester united team. the team itself hv many good players that ferguson can just literally throw any one of the wonder kids warming their asses on the bench probably full of 20mil+ players to do the job when things isnt going on as planned. rafa benitez, on the other hand, has to manage with some less gifted players.if i ask any of the man u fans,would u want aurelio,arbeloa,kuyt,lucas,benayoun in their team,wat wud they answer? i think u know better. but that makes rafa a better tactician. with the players he inherited from houllier,he managed to win UCL in the 1st season and getting closer n closer to challenge the epl. oh, and who ever said that no man is bigger than the team?? so isnt rafa's reaction to congratulate the team appropiate?

The fact he spent half of the season trying to play mind games and failing so spectacularly, of course, surely had nothing to do with his outbursts.

oh, when fergie does it, it's called mind games, but when it comes to rafa, it's insult n disrespectful to other manager, isnt it? rafa fails at what? i thought ferguson was the one who asked someone form the sports technology department to come up with the flawed rafa's transfer list? rafa's getting into his head,clearly. n yeah, rafa's crackin up. n btw, the list is irrelevant. ferguson's been there more 20+years while this is only rafa's 5th 2004,ferguson has already finished building the team n the team hv been winning titles as well, while rafa has just started to build his dynasty, so of course rafa needs to offload n buy the 5-year comparison is not relevant.

Rafa Benitez doesn't know when to quit. Liverpool have been the most prolific club in the final 15 minutes of games this season, so in this respect, you'd have to say it's probably a good thing.

final 15minutes,yeah i get the jokes. just ignore the fact that liverpool actually topped the table for the 1sthalf of the season. yeah the slump in form is painful, but talk fact please.

i'm not done here. u can thrash talk my team for full 100years if u want IF and only IF u use ur brain while doing so. oh, n i bet most of them do not remember (or simply do not know) how many season their GREATEST slur alex ferguson took to win a league title.n how many years they waited to get their dirty hands on the title.

Friday, May 22, 2009

2nd last game of the season

2-0 at the baggies.job done. the performance,especially in the 1st half was not satisfying but the job's done.stevie scored probably one of the easiest goals he has ever scored. the baggies hv captivated the attention of lots of football supporters this season with their desire n effort to play good football unlike other teams on the lower end of the table. n its down to individual mistake from their centre back that led to gerrard's goal. well u cant hold on to the ball dat long n try to act fancy in ur own area when a player the likes of steven gerrard was breathing down ur neck. hence, the goal.

alonso changed the game as soon as he was put on the field. it wud be a mistake to sell him in the summer. rafa benitez knows better how the fan wud react should he try to sell alonso again. insua was quite disappointing in this game,so was arbeloa who has been consistent this season. then there was the clash between carra n arbeloa. carra has no right to stick arbeloa like that. he himself has done a fair share of mistakes n even own goals but the difference is no one dares to stick it up to him. what i dont like about this kind of situation is that i feel that our captain is very slow to react. 1st incidence: mascherano at old trafford. yes,he was 60 yards away but he could hv come to the scene a little quicker, couldnt he? n the 2nd time is this 'brawl' between arbeloa n carra. in both situation alonso is the one who calms both players down. i wish our captain fantastic could handle the situation better next time.

torres...errr..he looked so out of place n had no desire watsoever to play.probably the worst performance in red shirt? so quick to jump into conclusion...haih.. benayoun wasnt effective either but at least he tried. torres needs to improve his ball control in static situations ( he seems to hv better control when the ball is moving)..dats the apparent weakness of his game for now.

there is not much to write as the game was a week ago n i hv forgotten how the game was like. another trophyless but not meaningless season. this season so far has been full of positives.pat on the backs for the boss,the lads n the backroom staffs.