Sunday, May 31, 2009

ok sorry for breaking my promise to write more bout the champions league final.wud like to write about sami hyypia n summary of this indifferent season but never got around to it,preliminary exam tomorrow,final exm in a month so time is very limited.maybe next time.=)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

a battle between a seasoned manager and his rookie counterpart

just a quick note on the last final's game. it was almost an anti climax. man u didnt look like they wanted to retain the titles. xavi and iniesta were unplayable. united's midfield were non existent. who on earth would put carrick n anderson to deal with xavi n iniesta? anderson was a mere spectator on the field, he didnt do anthg to close messi down,or perhaps he didnt know who to mark coz there were always xavi n iniesta to do the work. how on earth a 5ft 4 player probably the shortest player on the pitch ws let go by 6ft+ central defenders n permitted to score a HEADER? shocking! eto's goal was crucial bt nothing special either,he skinned vidic on the way n slotted the ball past van der sar in the NEAR insult.

gotta go.detailed analysis n opinion will follow later.going to hv very nice day with non stop screaming kids.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

because they can continue to talk shit all they want.

i stumble across some links posted by man u fans fren of mine on facebook today. this is the 1st link he posted:

and he labeled the link as: jose wannabe maybe...but failing miserably.

n then there is the comment from another man u fan fren of mine in relation to the link:
biar le die,, mourinho pun season pertama dah mng epl,,
dah berapa thn tak mng ape2 trophy????? kena jerit kuat2 kat telinga die ^_^

ok. 1st of all, rafa is NOT a jose mourinho wanna be.we love rafa the way he is,thanks,pun intended. mourinho season pertama dh menang epl. dont we all remember what rafa brought home for us in his very 1st season with liverpool? yeah maybe not EPL trophy but inarguably one of the sweetest victory ever.will be etched permanently in the deepest,darkest part of our hearts,in fact. dont we all remember how much did mourinho spend to 'rebuild' the chelsea squad left by raneiri the first season he took over chelsea? i dont hv the exact figure,but i bet we all vaguely remember,no? and dont we all remember the shape of liverpool squad rafa inherited from wholier? it amuses me sometimes that players like biscan,traore,josemi,cisse actually hv a champions league medal to their names. but yet rafa was the manager responsible to pull out the absolute rabbit from a hat in istanbul.

look what i found in this wonderful world of world wide web:
In Rafa's 5 years with Liverpool, his stats are like this...

G:281 W:158 D:64 L:59

WIN% = 55.52%

Even though Fergie has been with United almost 5 times longer than Rafa's reign on Mersyside, his win% is very close to Rafa's...

G: 1257 W:733 D:299 L:225

WIN% = 58.31%

Worthwhile mentioning?

from the article:
And when we talk about funds, how do wonder-signings like Robbie Keane factor into the equation, exactly?

The most expensive squads (excluding players out on long-term loan) are as follows:

Chelsea £207m
Manchester United £206m*
Spurs £188m
Manchester City £140m
Liverpool £127m

(*£226m if Carlos Tevez's deal made permanent, given that it is initially a unique two-year £10m agreement, and very different from 99.9 of transfer deals. Effectively United are winning games with a £30m player.)

how many rafa's buy exceeds 20mil?
torres.keane.fullstop. n keane wasnt even his's rick parry's.rafa hs always wanted gareth barry all along.

i know u know.rooney.hargreaves.ferdinand.just to name a few.he can also afford to buy yougsters such as ronaldo (12.5mil), anderson (17mil), the serbian twins (18mil), macheda (11mil), nani(17mil) to strengthen his squad in the future. rafa on the other hand, bought ngog for 1.5mil,lucas 6mil.babel is the most expensive,11.5mil. i know this list is probably flawed coz it isnt complete.need to do more research on the matter.i ll continue the research later when i hv time.

Then to top it all off, he even refused to congratulate Sir Alex Ferguson personally for his incredible achievements this season.

remember what slur alex commented after liverpool thrashed man u at their own backyard?
" we were the better team". n btw,rafa did congratulate the manchester united team. the team itself hv many good players that ferguson can just literally throw any one of the wonder kids warming their asses on the bench probably full of 20mil+ players to do the job when things isnt going on as planned. rafa benitez, on the other hand, has to manage with some less gifted players.if i ask any of the man u fans,would u want aurelio,arbeloa,kuyt,lucas,benayoun in their team,wat wud they answer? i think u know better. but that makes rafa a better tactician. with the players he inherited from houllier,he managed to win UCL in the 1st season and getting closer n closer to challenge the epl. oh, and who ever said that no man is bigger than the team?? so isnt rafa's reaction to congratulate the team appropiate?

The fact he spent half of the season trying to play mind games and failing so spectacularly, of course, surely had nothing to do with his outbursts.

oh, when fergie does it, it's called mind games, but when it comes to rafa, it's insult n disrespectful to other manager, isnt it? rafa fails at what? i thought ferguson was the one who asked someone form the sports technology department to come up with the flawed rafa's transfer list? rafa's getting into his head,clearly. n yeah, rafa's crackin up. n btw, the list is irrelevant. ferguson's been there more 20+years while this is only rafa's 5th 2004,ferguson has already finished building the team n the team hv been winning titles as well, while rafa has just started to build his dynasty, so of course rafa needs to offload n buy the 5-year comparison is not relevant.

Rafa Benitez doesn't know when to quit. Liverpool have been the most prolific club in the final 15 minutes of games this season, so in this respect, you'd have to say it's probably a good thing.

final 15minutes,yeah i get the jokes. just ignore the fact that liverpool actually topped the table for the 1sthalf of the season. yeah the slump in form is painful, but talk fact please.

i'm not done here. u can thrash talk my team for full 100years if u want IF and only IF u use ur brain while doing so. oh, n i bet most of them do not remember (or simply do not know) how many season their GREATEST slur alex ferguson took to win a league title.n how many years they waited to get their dirty hands on the title.

Friday, May 22, 2009

2nd last game of the season

2-0 at the baggies.job done. the performance,especially in the 1st half was not satisfying but the job's done.stevie scored probably one of the easiest goals he has ever scored. the baggies hv captivated the attention of lots of football supporters this season with their desire n effort to play good football unlike other teams on the lower end of the table. n its down to individual mistake from their centre back that led to gerrard's goal. well u cant hold on to the ball dat long n try to act fancy in ur own area when a player the likes of steven gerrard was breathing down ur neck. hence, the goal.

alonso changed the game as soon as he was put on the field. it wud be a mistake to sell him in the summer. rafa benitez knows better how the fan wud react should he try to sell alonso again. insua was quite disappointing in this game,so was arbeloa who has been consistent this season. then there was the clash between carra n arbeloa. carra has no right to stick arbeloa like that. he himself has done a fair share of mistakes n even own goals but the difference is no one dares to stick it up to him. what i dont like about this kind of situation is that i feel that our captain is very slow to react. 1st incidence: mascherano at old trafford. yes,he was 60 yards away but he could hv come to the scene a little quicker, couldnt he? n the 2nd time is this 'brawl' between arbeloa n carra. in both situation alonso is the one who calms both players down. i wish our captain fantastic could handle the situation better next time.

torres...errr..he looked so out of place n had no desire watsoever to play.probably the worst performance in red shirt? so quick to jump into conclusion...haih.. benayoun wasnt effective either but at least he tried. torres needs to improve his ball control in static situations ( he seems to hv better control when the ball is moving)..dats the apparent weakness of his game for now.

there is not much to write as the game was a week ago n i hv forgotten how the game was like. another trophyless but not meaningless season. this season so far has been full of positives.pat on the backs for the boss,the lads n the backroom staffs.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

cant sleep. .

cant sleep. 1st there was the power cut.then it became freakin hot i couldnt sleep.then there was that sound.again.i know its probably the stray dogs outside making creepy sound like that but it sounded like a baby crying.scared the hell out of me.then this pericoronitis of the soon-to-be-erupting wisdom tooth is giving me a pain in the tailbone.i m seeing dr.sarvesh this monday to get it disimpacted.cant stand the pain any longer.each passing second feels like a hundred years just pass by.or should i see dr.kotrashetti? he is the best but i bet he is too busy with all the major surgeries n administrative i dont think i ll bother him with a simple disimpaction like this.well there is no other established oral surgeon i know...perhaps dr.purnima is good but she is too sassy...n dr.meenaxi is i ll go to dr.sarvesh la..he's already done my previous extraction what..n he told me he ll do this thg...hmmm...wat do u do when u cant sleep at nite? the pain is still bothering me dat i practically am overdosed with bonjela at the moment.hope i wont develop any gastric ulcer la.but since i already am having acid reflux problem so there is every chance i ll get an ulcer many medical complication la this girl.luckily u still can jog around happily like that.which reminds me...2 weeks hv gone by without any exercise.n u expect to maintain ur weight?what la girl......exercise mls,mkn byk tp bdn nk jaga...tsk tsk tsk...

this post is highly redundant. u hv just wasted 5min of ur time reading this.hehe

common misconception

the general population do not know much about dental care as much as they know about its medical counterpart. i may only be a 3rd year student in my seniors' eyes but what they do not is that i hv been providing end number of counselings to my friends n family regarding their dental problems..haha

so some frequently asked questions are:

1. gigi sakit x berlubang pun..jadi kena tampal x? sakit pun kadang2 je..masa makan manis/sejuk/panas. x pyh jumpe doktor gg xpe la kn?kn?

sadly to say,anda salah.masalah yg anda hadapi ialah dental caries.pendek kata,caries ni adalah bahagian gg yg berpenyakit la.dari mata kasar,caries ni boleh jd warna hitam,coklat,kuning,mahupun putih.kalau caries putih ni biasenye lembut.kl warna gelap2 ni biasenye keras.

kenapa rs sengal2? caries ni disebabkn kuman yg dah makan sebahagian gg kamu ni.jadi lapisan luaran gg kamu yg sepatutnye melindungi bahagian dalam yg mengandungi salur darah,saraf sudah jadi nipis.jadi saraf ni semakin terdedah.bile anda mkn manis/masam/sejuk/panas, rasa2 ni kacau saraf.saraf ni rase serabut lalu hantar signal kt otak ckp...sakit ni..suruh la tuan badan ni berenti makan n g jumpe doc cepat2..

nasihat sy..jumpe la doktor gg.tampal cepat2 utk elakkan caries tu merebak lg n leh selamatkn gg tu.

2. ape jadi kalau sy x jumpe doctor ?

hmm...panjang kalau nk terang ni. katekan la gg tu x berlubang kan mcm mslh kt atas td. lame2, kuman bermaharajalela dlm gg tu makan lg banyak bahagian gg awk.jadi lame2 akan ade la lubang besar kt gg awk tu.mase ni la awak akan rs sakit yg teramat sangat smpai rs nk hantuk kepala kt dinding. katekan la awk survive kesakitan ni,or awk x sakit pn ngn lubang besar tu. kuman pun berpesta lg,mkn2 lg,siap bwat bbq caries tu pon merebak lg jauh ke dalam..lame2 gg anda buleh mati..

kalau manusia,lepas mati xde pape lg,tanam dlm kubur je la tidak bg gg.lepas gg mati tu,anda still x bwat pape lg utk merawat gg tu.kuman pun merebak lg jauh ke dalam..lepas dh puas mkn kuman pn nk berkumuh ni gk la sel2 sistem pertahanan bdn dtg lwn kuman ni..biaselah dlm pertempuran ni mst ad yg mati kn...sisa2 sel n kuman yg mati ni jd la nanah...nanah ni makin membesar smpai anda rs sakit lg..n gg anda mulalah rs longgar dr soketnye...kalau delay lg utk rawatan..anda mmg power la leh thn sakit2 anda kne cabut la..ilang 1 gg...

smpai cni dulu la.tbe2 rs pnat lak menaip.nnt kl ad mood sy sambung lg la.ciao.

Friday, May 15, 2009

because i'm back in my bitchy mode

Daily Post 15 May 2009

Steven Gerrard is confident Lucas Leiva can prove the doubters wrong and forge a successful career at Liverpool.

Gerrard, FWA Player of the Year, has been impressed by the manner in which the Brazilian youngster has stepped in throughout the campaign.
With Xabi Alonso absent at West Ham United on Saturday, Lucas was quietly effective in the central defensive midfield role alongside Javier Mascherano.

The 22-year-old has endured some difficult times this season but Gerrard believes Lucas is consistently repaying the faith of Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez.

"He's a young lad still learning his trade," said Gerrard.

"He does a lot of hard work that goes unnoticed in this team by many people, but we as players notice it.

"He's come in to a lot of big games where the manager has basically said to him 'it's sink or swim'. And for me he has swam.

"He's done very well for us when he's been called upon, and he's certainly got a bright future here," he added.

this may sound daft but i just wish ppl would stop slating him.i m not a big fan of him either but now i dont hv a heart to kutuk him anymore.he has been showing improvement which goes unnoticed of ppl just simply choose to ignore it. he may or may not be good enough for liverpool but he is only 22.he may not be at the same level as mr.gerrard was back when mr.gerrard was 22 but he cant get any worse now,can he?yeah u will probably say yes. he is a brazil international,was an attacking midfielder n won golden boot in his gremio time n when we were signing him man u were on the plane to brazil trying to sign him.please give the lad a chance.

ok tu je.this post may sound remarkable silly after a few days when i get back to my normal me mode.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

liverpool vs west ham

there has been a delay since my last post as i hv been busy with my endless public health dentistry projects; seminar,survey,models,case papers,etc etc. but yeah i could still able to allocate 90minutes to watch epl..=)

3-0 at upton park. is it significant? to keep pressure on united,yes,but to win the title,i dont think so. the title will not be ours this season,no chance, unless united were to lose to arsenal this weekend, which i doubt its gonna happen.united will be able to clinch at least a point even if they play like shit.

the torrard showed us again how deadly the partnership can be. the reds' opening goal came as early as 78 seconds after the starting whistle. beautiful thru pass from torres toward gerrard with his perfectly timed run thru 2 defenders who were convinced that he's offside, rounded the keeper n put the ball into the empty net. good start for the reds.

actually i was hoping gerrard will be pushed back to centre midfield in the absence of alonso but then rafa preferred the 4-2-3-1 formation which proved useful against west ham. liverpool looked organised n able to stop n break west ham's play,masherano doing what he does best...and..and... i thought lucas played rather ok. not excellent, but ok. he held the ball well, keep the ball flowing nice n easy,didnt give away too much ball...he did give away some balls,but stevie also did,so i dont think we should single lucas out in this.stevie did score 2 goals,but if u want to slate lucas for giving away balls,u should n must n it is almost an obligation to mention that gerrard also gave away a few balls n was playing at average level. (i know i will get slated for this,slate me all u want but i m atill entitled to an opinion n so do u ). the only players who performed above average that day were kuyt n masherano. torres didnt play particularly well n had less time on the ball but he had a hand in the 2 first liverpool goals;thru pass tu gerrard n won a penalty.

carra's almost deadly mistake.luckily enough di michele were not rooney.i dont remember that much about the game to crap much here dont hv idea to write anymore..haha n yeah the decision to replace aurelio with insua was spot on.what on earth is happening to aurelio. its good to see ryan got a goal as a striker,hope it does him good n bring him the confidence he needs.

ryan babel. i wont shed a tear if he leaves us in the summer,but still...he has a potential to become a great footballer.i mean, he has the physical attributes a great footballer needs..strong body,height,pace,power....but footbalingl brains. his first touch is sometimes awful (makes me flinch sometimes), his decision making needs to improve.

eventhough there is rumours everywhere saying that tevez may join liverpool in the summer, i dont think it is true.united will buy tevez. furthermore i dont think liverpool will meet the asking price,dat is 26mil minimum. if i were u , i wont get my hopes high. although i do think tevez suits liverpool play like a key fits into the hole. he is the rafa type of player.never gives in n always works his socks off. he is like the better version of kuyt.not implying that kuyt isnt a good player,but i think tevez has better finishing (although he did miss few sitters this season). n i really really really hope that alonso's transfer rumours is just rumours! there is no stupidest thing to do than letting alonso go.please do not let alonso go.i cant think of a replacement better than alonso himself.barry? a sweet left foot, but thanks, i ll hv alonso ahead of barry any day. if u want to buy barry its fine with me as we need a proper box-to-box midfielder (lucas belom cukup bagos lg i think), just do not sell alonso.

congrats to stevie.totally deserve the award, n ronaldo only got 3 votes! hahaha!
n congrats to the agger family. liverpool academy hurry up n sign the new agger n james carragher as well..=D

Friday, May 8, 2009

there was a dog

there was a dog that always slept outside our house. we used to call that poor thing jimmy. we thought jimmy was rabid as he seemed very inactive and lethargic all the time.sometimes when he slept on the hallway or on the stairs, he got on our way but jimmy was a good dog. he would just get up,straighten his back muscles and slowly walk away.back then we had no problem at all with jimmy. just let the poor creature had a shelter from the scorching sun and unpredictable rain under our roof.we didnt really mind as stray dogs are everywhere to be seen in this place.

one day, i came back from clinical posting feeling exhausted n pissed off. as i was walking up the stairs, there he was, dozing off lazily on the stairs and clearly obstructing my way. i tried to chase him away, but he didnt seem to understand me. he stood there staring at me. me already pissed off, got even more pissed off. i muttered under my breath, "go away you stupid bitch". all of a sudden, jimmy growled at me. i was too scared he was going to attack me that i screamed my lungs out, but no, he did not attack me, he just calmly walked away downstairs as always.

that was my first and last encounter with a dog that could understand english. after the incident, jimmy never slept outside our house again.he was now nowhere to be seen.if i were to see him again, i ll try to talk in malay n lets see if he can understand malay..i think i've just made a big discovery...hahaha =D i'm talking crap again i should stop.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

chelsea vs barcelona 2nd leg

was it a penalty? or two? or more?
did barcelona deserve to enter the final? not?

what I personally believe is that barcelona were the better team over the 2 legs. they had an overwhelming ball possession, 70:30 at home and and 67:33 at stamford bridge.they passed the ball with class, they were the only side that looked like they actually wanted the ball while the immobile chelsea men riding on a transformer's truck were happy to just sit deep and defend. anyone of u wondering wats a transformer's truck? i'll put it this way. transformer's truck is a metaphor. i m sure all of u hv watched the movie transformer? no? nevermind.not important. well the transformer's truck (read: chelsea players) parked itself right in front of petr cech but its always ready to accelerate in valdes' direction at the breaks to inflict real damage to its enemy.dont get it? although this mighty transformer's truck looks damn strong but surprisingly it does go down pretty easily, regardless of what others might say about its physical advantage n strength. n this transformer's truck escaped from nou camp with its flawless defensive display.

while the transformer's truck may hv escaped out of the great nou camp unscathed, with an advantage of being the favourite even, suddenly fate turns its back on them. well like they always say to the team in red shirts, ur luck cant run forever. now transformer's truck,eat ur words.

lets get back to the topic. was it or was it not a penalty?

1. alves on malouda. this is clearly not a penalty. they were pushing each other outside the penalty box, then the ball was somehow being carried inside the penalty box with mutual body checks between them,then malouda went kick given.fair decision.i hate malouda anyway.bad bad hair.haha

2. abidal on drogba. drogba was on the run n abidal chased him, myb with a bit too close a distance. i think it could be a clear penalty, only the referee overlooked it. did justice to bosingwa's foul on henry in the 1st leg. but drogba, being physically very strong, could hv tried a lil bit harder to prove himself a good striker by trying to stay on his feet for a lil bit more time n then finish it off.

3. handball by pique. again it could be a penalty. but the ball bounced off the ground, into pique's chest n then toward his arm. his arm was already stretched before the ball bounced off the ground, so it wasnt deliberate. n the ball wasnt on the way of strike.

4. handball by eto's: there is no way this one is a penalty. when ballack stroke the ball, eto'o turned away n the ball hit his arm at the level of his way this is a penalty.ballack membazir yellow kad je g bntah ref nye decision.

the red card awarded to abidal following his alleged foul on anelka was harsh. they came crossing with each other for the ball n i think its actually anelka who appeared to hv tripped over abidal, not the other way around n anelka went down sure too pretty easily.

in the end, barcelona, the catalans, the team that play with beautiful football, great passings, prevail. i hv only 1 thing to say: please kick manchester untied's ugly asses for me n liverpool. rome 27.5.09. i'll be waiting.