Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fernando Torres...again

I know I said that if Torres really wanted to leave, then we should let him. NOT.
I love the way our board fights for our best player, warding off pests with no history like Chelsea.

As much as I am disgusted with Torres' attitude, handing in the transfer request, I say keep him till summer at least. Then if he really wants to leave, sell him abroad. Why would we sell him to our rival? They wouldn't wanna be selling their best player to us, would they? If he sulks, put him in the reserves. Sulk all you want then.

This is going to be really emotional. Fernando, we loved you, even before you put on the Red shirt. We loved you since it was revealed that you have "You'll Never Walk Alone" inscribed underneath your captain's armband while you were still at Atletico. Our love for you even bonded us with Atletico's fans. We truly loved you, Nando. We adored you when you picked up Gerrard's inviting pass at the left hand side, gliding past Tal Ben Haim and scored on your Anfield debut against Chelsea. We loved that you didn't back off and stood firm against Terry when being provoked. We loved that you spooked Vidic and gave the Manchester United fans a reminder of who were the biggest club in England. We loved you, Fernando.

On the hand, maybe selling him is a good idea. He has just over two years left on his contract, so a year from now his value could reduce, and the following year he could even leave for free. This is the time when we can get maximum value for him. Life doesn't end if Torres leaves.

And why bring the question of loyalty again? Loyalty doesn't mean anything. Swapping clubs is not unlike swapping jerseys. Next week you wake up and wear blue instead of red. No biggie, ain't it. I believe compassion is more important. And sense of fulfillment. If he believes that Liverpool are not even close to winning trophies, he would have neither of those 2 feelings.

This is a terrible entry but I'm not bothered to check the spellings and grammatical mistakes and my sentence structure. Maybe I'll do that later. Adios amigos.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

King Kenny

I was just finishing up with Kenny Dalglish's autobiography this afternoon after getting off work. When I was done, I put the book down and took a nap. Wrong thing to do! I woke up a few hours later and checked my Twitter timeline. Turned out my timeline was full with welcoming messages to King Kenny! I was thinking, "What the hell happened??"

Congratulations King Kenny, a man considered to be the greatest ever Liverpool player, the player placed first in the '100 players who shook the Kop' list. This is the man who won three European Cup. This is the man who held Liverpool together through two tragedies; Heysel in 1985 and Hillsborough in 1989.

The Kop's adoration for King Kenny has never gone. Every game, they chant his name. They will never forget that it was Kenny who held Liverpool together during the two tragedies. In fact, the whole Hillsborough chapter is extremely emotional. I'm not ashamed to admit that I managed to shed a few tears reading that chapter.

Eventually, for the sake of his health and his family, he resigned mid-season in 1991. Liverpool were top of the league. Liverpool have also never won the league since. After more than five years managing Liverpool, he went on to manage Blackburn Rovers, turning a second division club into Premier League winners. However, when Rovers chairman at that time, Jack Walkers questioned his judgement about a player he wanted the club to buy, he knew it was time to leave. All these while, all of these 20 years, he has been wanting to come back home. His Liverpool home. He was disappointed when the club appointed Gerrard Houllier to work with Roy Evans. He put up his name for the job when Rafa Benitez left but was told by Broughton and Purslow that they had bigger, long-term plan for him.

So here I thought I'd compile some nice quotes from his autobiography. Hope you enjoy.

  • Being black, John Barnes used to get racial abuses from many people. "In one team meeting at Melwood, I explained a certain tactical shape I wanted by moving figures around a magnetic board. Ten of them were red and one was black. 'That one's you, Barnsey.' Everybody laughed. Digger (Barnes) certainly did."

  • 1985/86 season when he scored what was considered as one of his greatest goal at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea to win the league title in his first season as a player-manager. He was interviewed by TV reporters afterward.
" 'How did you score that?' asked some TV reporter.
'I closed my eyes and hit it.'
'You closed your eyes and hit it?'
'Is there an echo in here?' I laughed and walked off."

  • 1985/86 season. en route to winning the league and FA Cup double in his first season in charge. On the eve of the Cup final game vs Everton at Wembley, he was asked by some reporters about his prediction for the game.
"It will be hot and sunny." he replied.

Before the game, another reporter cornered him.

" 'Mr. Dalglish, people call you monosyllabic.'
'What?' I replied and walked off again."

  • Kelvin MacKenzie, The S*n columnist wrote what was allegedly "THE TRUTH" about Hillsborough. As a result, the people of Liverpool ran amok against the paper, burning the papers in the news stands. MacKenzie called Kenny to ask how to resolve the problem. Kenny's answer was, "See that headline you put in, 'THE TRUTH'? Just have another one, as big: WE LIED, SORRY."

  • Before signing for Liverpool, Kenny once nutmegged Clemence, the Liverpool keeper at the time and scored. When he came to Melwood, the players kept asking him to wind Clemence up about that goal.
" 'Don't worry about that goal, Clem,' I told him. 'You've always been weak between your
legs!' "

  • On Ferguson in 1988: "You'd get more sense out of my two-year old." Brilliant.

To be honest, I don't think it would have done much difference to Liverpool. Getting into top 4 is virtually impossible. I genuinely hope that the appointment of Kenny as a caretaker manager will unite Liverpool and give the players motivation and confidence. Whether our bad results were down to tactics or the players' lack of confidence, I hope it will all soon go away.

Good luck against Manchester United tomorrow, lads. We fans are hoping that you'll play your hearts out. For the Red shirts, for Liverpool, for us, for yourselves. YNWA.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Because I can't stand it anymore. . .

It's hard to be excited about anything these days. I mean, ANYTHING at all.

I'm angry all the time. And I tweet about it almost all the time. And most of the time, my friends think my tweets are crazy and silly and funny.

I'm currently reading Jarhead by Anthony Swofford. I haven't seen the movie but what I've learnt from this book is that soldiers are damaged people. Mentally. Sometimes I feel like I'm mentally damaged too. I did things that I'm not proud of just for the fun of it or just for the sake of trying. To the heck with it.

So I got stung by a bee today. That little prick got underneath my white coat and stung me when I was taking my coat off during lunch break. Since I was admitted to the hospital before because of a wasp sting (the doctor said it was absolutely necessary to admit me), I thought I should go to the hospital.

So to the hospital I went. My friend told me to go straight to the casualty. To the casualty I went. They asked me what happened, I told them, even showed them the little twat that bit me. They took my medical history. Since I had history of childhood asthma and sometimes exercise-induced asthma particularly during winter, they told me that I should get treatment for it. They told me I needed to go to the medicine outpatient department and get a prescription from there.

I mean, WHAT THE HELL. They were only gonna prescribe me some steroid and anti-histamine, I can prescribe myself with those. I only needed someone to inject me with those because I'm a crybaby and I don't have the gut to inject myself.

But I went to medicine anyway. Had to wait for half an hour to get the card done. Yes, only the card. Took another 15 minutes before I could see the doctor. And I was the first in line. Wonder what happened to the patients who are morbidly sick on a busy day.

A nurse took my card and told me to sit. I sat on the bench outside the doctor's office. 15 minutes later, she called my name and asked me to remove my sandals before going inside. I peeked into the office and I saw that the doctors were wearing their shoes so I decided to ignore the nurse and went inside with my shoes on.

The doctor, Dr. Vijay Somannavar (I will remember you till the day I die), told me to sit on the stool. The stool was 4 feet away from where he was sitting. He asked me what my problem was. I told him, "Sir, I got stung by a bee". He didn't understand this. I repeated the same sentence three times. Then I rephrased, "A bee stung me" and "a bee bit me". They didn't seem to know what a bee was. I said, "a bee, you know, an insect that stings people?". Finally they understood. One of them said, "It has biting you?" What the hell. And I thought my English was terrible enough.

He wrote my chief complaint as "history of insect bite half an hour ago". He made it sound like I freaked out and went to see a doctor because I got bitten by a mosquito. For fuck's sake. I got bitten by a bee. I could have gotten anaphylaxis and DIED. (Anaphylaxis is a severe,sudden or delayed allergic reaction that can kill you, by the way.)

The other doctor took my blood pressure, pulse rate and measured my weight. Then he told me to get an injection and take some medicine.

Dr. V: Go to Casualty and take this injection, one Avil injection, then take this tablet once daily for five days. After you got the injection you come here.

Me: Sir, what injection and tablet are you prescribing? Are those anti-histamine?

Dr. V: Yes, it's anti-histamine. Now do you wanna talk or do you wanna hear me talk? If you wanna talk then fine with me, otherwise you shut your mouth and listen to me talk.

WTF is your problem? Do I have no rights to know what are you prescribing me? It's not like I asked you where did you get you tight-ass hookers from. I'd just like to be informed about my treatment.

This place is brimming with that type of people. Those who think that they are so superior than the others, those who think that other people are the vermin, the scum of the earth. Is that why you positioned the stool for the patient to sit on 4 feet away from where you were sitting? You're disgusted with the poor, dirty patients coming to seek your medical assistance that you don't even want to touch them thinking that they're the scum, low-life bastards who don't deserve a place on this Earth? Well, guess what, this world does not need people like you.

I hate doctors like that. I hate doctors and medical students who wear their stethoscopes around their necks like a dog collar all the time, even when they shit. I hate doctors who never miss to write a Dr. prefix to their names every time and everywhere even when checking in to the hotel rooms or booking bus tickets or filling in a magazine subscription form. I don't even know why is that even necessary.

I understand, you worked hard to get that title, hell I know how hard you worked to get the title. But for me, being a doctor means something more. Something much more. To put it simply, it means that YOU HAVE TO HELP PEOPLE. Not boasting around that you are a doctor. You're not GOD. You may be able to perform a complicated triple by-pass heart surgery and save the patient's life but you're not GOD. You may be able to amputate a gangrenous limb and do a beautiful job which may save the patient's life, but then BAM! Fat embolism from the bone marrow of the amputated limb gets into the circulation, gets lodged in the heart, the patient dies, because you are not GOD. I hope these people don't taint the noble profession by their atrocious conduct. But then again, this is India. People are poor and uneducated and let themselves to be treated like that. So all I can do is bitch about it in this blog. Selemah-lemah iman. Cuma mampu membenci dalam diam.