Sunday, June 21, 2009

because he says so

came across an interview of mr. xabi alonso by a Spanish radio station few days ago. When asked whether he would regret staying at Liverpool next season, he said something like, "no ser puedo, no se....responde...." (sorry i dont speak spanish) and after that he paused and sais something like, "no ser............." (again sorry i dont speak spanish. the translatation goes like this: when asked whether he would regret he decision to stay at liverpool in the future, he paused and said,"no, i can't answer that question, i can't repond to that question". then he paused again and said,"no,no, not at all."

then came another interview. this time, when asked if he is currently happy with liverpool or is planning to move somewhere, xabi responded by saying,"yes, i am happy with liverpool but i don't know what's going to happen in the future."

this is where people start making speculations.ridiculous ones, i may add.

when he says he's happy, it means he's happy.
when he says he doesnt know whats going to happen in the future, dat means he doesnt have a crystal ball, neither is he a God!

xabi,masherano,stay.dont u dare go anywhere.
what's this fuss with everyone suddenly wanting to buy liverpool chelsea have entered the bid for torres.dream on lads,dream on.

Monday, June 15, 2009

because nando ate kiwis for dinner

i decided to use 90 minutes of the time i was supposed to use to study for pedodontic end posting exam last night to watch confeds game between spain and new zealand. not that i expected lotsa action, just cant resist the opportunity to watch football in this football-deprived time of the year.

nando was a class act. the non existing marking of him helped but nevertheless that was a good performance especially for goal no.1.

riera was lively with few assists. he had a hand in 2 of torres' goals. and guess what, guess what, he shot with his right foot! who said this guy doesnt have a right he got picked ahead of david silva,was silva injured? he looked fine to me when he came in.

alonso made a couple of mistakes but nevertheless he did enough at the centre of midfield, taking senna's role playing deeper just in front of the back for.was senna injured?

fabregas was fantastic. he should hv got more assists to his name if its not for the linesman who was practically acting like new zealand's 12th man.xavi was relatively quite but it was ur energy for the opponents who worth it.

villa was relatively quiet if u want to compare him to torres tonight but had 1 assist for torres' tap in goal and torres returned the favour afterward.

albiol was probably saving energy for the next match n we certainly cant blame him for that. not that he had much to do. puyol was always eager to go forward. unlucky his cross was a bit too high for ramos to head.

ramos went forward quite often but then left the space for new zealand to initiate the attack. capdevilla was awesome though. he linked well with riera on the left hand side n provided a few crosses and assists.

keeping track on egypt-brazil match. score line is currently 3-3. the 2nd egypt goal was a screamer. zidan scores the 3rd goal. i heard ppl mention bout this lad several times on the net,how good is he?

well my end posting exam went well.19/25 isnt bad according to the department's standard. my friend manages to score 20 though, so that made me the 2nd highest scorer.hahaha.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

because i need a place to rest my head

i am currently posted in pedodontics@pediatric dentistry department.
i screwed up my first restorative case real bad. if i were in somewhere civilised i would probably be consulting an attorney right now. bless this uncivilised nation.
and she..damn she is a nice kid.
i have never met a child who does not scream during her visit to dentist.

name: kumari spoorti k. katrale (spoorti)
age: 8
gender: female.

it's true.she doesnt shed even a drop of tear. she is probably the most quiet and obedient kid i have ever met.bless the parents who did a brilliant job bringing this sweet little creature into life.

me: (doing the cavity preparation)
spoorti: (moving moving a bit)
me: novu? (pain?)
spoorti: nods.
me: novu solpa solpa aur jashtri? (sakit sikit ke byk?)
spoorti: nods.
me: novu solpa solpa? (sakit sikit?)
spoorti: nods.
me: novu jashtri? (sakit banyak?)
spoorti: nods.
me: hanya mampu garu kepala.

i'm juggling a lot of things at the same time. kids,denture,exam,etc.
i need a break.a vacation. a place to rest my head.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the story of an ugly duckling

found this somewhere..omg it's hillarious! kill me already!

There once was an ugly duckling, his name was Charlie T. He did all the right things, at all the right times, yet his manager ignored his pleas.

Instead, the praise and playing time, it went to the showponies; the Brits, the stars, Macheda, and Park, but never poor Charlie T.

The fans, they roared, the critics, applaud, but something was still awry. Was it his hair? His face? His size? His race? Or the bad guys at MSI?

£30 million, they said - the price on his head - at this, the manager scoffed. The fee was too much - perhaps, just a touch - but then what about Berbatov?

The ongoing perplexion over his constant rejection can't be an issue of morals. Go back to Rossi, Pique, Forlan and certainly, there were no quarrels.

And then against Manchester City, the duckling scored a screamer, admittedly his first in a while. The stadium erupted, his team-mates loved it, but from the boss, not so much as a smile.

Then the 'golden boy' and 'actor', CR7, was subbed and snapped at his colleagues. The crowd weren't impressed, nor were the rest, but the manager remained completely jolly.

The duckling was choked, surely, this was a joke? He didn't know what else it meant. He wanted desperately to stay, the pretty one went astray, yet the boss supported his dissent.

So he can cry and moan, and always act like a kid? Just because the boss must keep him happy, so he doesn't move to Real Madrid?

Now they're trying to bend the rules, thinking that they're cool, trying to get him for free. They don't want to pay, wasn't that Wenger's way? This is getting very silly.

But what's done is done and the boss will see, when he's gone. Whether sky blue or all red at England, black and blue at Italy or all white at Spain, this ugly duckling will soon be a graceful swan.

disclaimer: i do not claim this is my work.thanks in advance for not suing me.

and with that,roland garros has offically ended

svetlana kuznetsova wins the women's final.
roger federer wins the men's final,defeating soderling straight sets.

a word from roger: thank u so damn much soderling..without u in the final yestersay i would never have won the french open..please do eliminate nadal in wimbledon please..i want to win my 6th wimbledon title..i want to win my 15th grand slam title..i want to break pete sampras' record..see i m so close now..please have a pity on me soderling..

p/s: only last night i came to know he speaks french, fluently. well u cant blame me.he's never won a french open before,who would have known he speaks fluent french? he never made a speech in french...haha n his wife's pregnant.lovely peeps,just lovely.congratulations.=)

Friday, June 5, 2009

roland garros final

it's a federling final!
but boy it was close!

women's final is between safina n kuznetsova. not sure if i got the spelling right.

well well well men's double.the pride of india leander paes in in the final again.

wish all of them the very best of luck. i havent decided who to support. might as well enjoy the game as a neutral=)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

summer.roland garros.transfer news.

summer is by far the most boring season of all.oh gawd i m bored like epl in the weekends to watch.well summer coincides with my final exam,which is a good thing.only there are roland garros n wimbledon to watch.n euro last summer.n wc next summer.

well now dat nadal is out of roland garros i hv absolutely no idea who to support.i love how elegant federer plays but the main reason i support nadal is that i back him to stop roger's domination last time.but this time around,as we all r quite privileged to witness,nadal is beatable.he is,after all,a human.but to say this,i m not satisfied with the way he played against soderling.i mean,who is this soderling bloke?seeded 23 i know,but to be honest i hv never watched the guy played before.back to nadal. he had shown the weak part of his game;the backhand slice,which soderling fully took advantage on.i flinched away everytime nadal sliced as soderling wud always return with high speed top spin to the right places.n he kept on repeating the same mistake over n over felt like watching bartoli skinned henin in wimbledon 2 years ago.hahaha.i quite fancy a nadal-verdasco quarter final after their entertaining encounter in the australian open,but verdasco lost to davydenko in the 4th round,then davydenko lost to soderling in the quarter semifinal now are the matches btween federer n del potro n btween gonzalez n soderling.federer n soderling have my full backing they will be in the final (as if this will make a difference in the game).

transfer news, or transfer rumours ,as it is more appropriately called, is driving me crazy. how many more days can i stand logging in to football website n reading news (read: rumours) about xabi's done 'deal' with real madrid. this perez guy will never stop, wont he?xabi is not going anywhere! he's ours! liverpool's! i dont think kaka will sign for real madrid either.n i really want real to sign cristiano crybaby ronaldo so that i dont hv to squint my eyes watching him trying to take on one too many players with his exceptional n eye-pleasing dribbling skills which is only a little superior to the defending skills of derby defenders,fail n fall,writhing down the floor in agony week in,week spain he will meet his match.cant wait to see that happening soon as i sooo enjoyed myself watching the champions league final vs barca. oh yeah, gareth barry signs for manchester city because he wants to play european football. let's see.he is now 27. mark hughes needs at least 2 more seasons to 'rebuild' his squad that can qualify for europa league. by that time, barry will be 29. seems like he's taking a step back here.n yeah, barry goes to manchester city so that he can play in his preferred position more often. as if he wasnt doing that in villa already. but to villa fans, he's 'really sorry'. manchester city sell-out.

torres is married n wanted to make the ceremony private.good for you.but the other part of me refuses to believe that he is married until i see a photo evidence.seriously guys, a photo of the wedding wouldnt hurt,would it? i heard olalla wore a red dress. i wonder wat was fernando wearing? a tux? suit? i always love men in suit..=D i dont care is he's married,he's still hot.n the fact that he is married makes him unavailable, which also makes him hotter n more desirable.hahaha.

whatever u are doing, please DO NOT take the last stanza seriously.its in the middle of the night n its just my delusional subconscious mind talking.enjoy the summer.Spain for the confederations cup.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

post plg x guna kot =P

me n my friends were talking football after our surgery paper.he said: hey why do u people kutuk ronaldo so much? he's a good player n u know it.u'd hv him in ur team any day,wouldnt u?

my first reaction was: no! of course not!

but on 2nd thought...

yeah,why not? i mean, as a fringe player la,as a back up to kuyt.u know things ppl say bout liverpool not hving enough depth in their squad,perhaps ronaldo is the perfect solution? we can play him at the right flank when kuyt has to be rested, or as back up striker to torres.perfect!

and with that, i inserted the key into the ignition,started my scooter n took off, leaving my sweet little friend there fuming.hahaha.

it didnt end there. after exam i went to another friend's house who is also a man u fan. when i reached there her brother was playing football manager. then her brother bocorkan rahsia that she has fernando torres in her football manager team. after that we all made fun of her for hours. her excuse was: abih tu dah xde lg prolific striker yg best!! hahaha mane pegi ur 30mil buy baby...=D

good day.hahaha.