Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Extra Time Controversy

Manchester United does get favouritism, and it's now proven.
See here.

Ever wondered what Rafa said in the half time break of the greatest comeback in the history of Champions League final? Might not be as inspirational as you thought, but it's damn funny.
See here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

West Ham 2 Liverpool 3

Wow the neutrals must have enjoyed the game last night. I wish I was one.

Sloppy defensive display last night with a couple of individual mistakes. West Ham had the first chance on goal when they dispossessed Carra in our area. The first West Ham goal, a penalty, came from Carragher's mistake too. He was outrun and pulled the opponent's shirt and the ref gifted them penalty. But did Diamanti touch the ball with his right foot when he was sliding? If he did, then it should have been a free kick for us,shouldn't it?

Torres opened his scoring account with a marvellous solo goal. Insua fed the ball to Torres on the left,the latter took on West Ham's defenders and scored when the angle was against him. Diamanti brought West Ham level with the penalty. Liverpool reacted with Gerrard's header from a corner kick. It was going in but Kuyt had a faint touch on the ball so the goal was credited to him. Steven says he wants the goal though.lol

4 minutes later, Carlton Cole scored a header from a corner. He got in between 3 Liverpool players; Carra, Torres and Skrtel. Skrtel could have done more though. Cole had half a yard of space between him and Skrtel, and he outjumped Skrtel.

I haven't said this for a long time, but Babel played well when he came in. His pace and runs caused problem to West Ham's defense, and that was a quality cross from the right side for Torres to head in. Man of the match: Fernando Torres. I think the whole team played pretty okay last night albeit few mistakes, but it was Torres who made a difference.

Everyone was already blaming our zonal marking for Cole's goal, but did they see that West Ham concede from an easy corner? It was due to individual mistakes that we conceded. Is Carra losing it? Might be a problem to us since Agger is still injured. Anyways, another win, another 3 points. =)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I think I'm heading for a breakdown. I'm hyperventilating and cussing out loud as I write this.

They say bad things happen in 3.

First, raya holiday on the 21st is canceled.
Second, we just got our jurnal today and we're supposed to write assignments about ALL topics of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. It took me 1 month to finish that assignment in 3rd year and now I have to complete the assignment for 3rd and 4th year in 2 weeks.
Third, they put up an announcement on the notice board today saying that whoever remain absent on the 21st of September (raya day) will be marked absent for 10days in addition to the absent period.


I don't see any logical explanation in this, not that they gave us any.
The Dean, however, has a reputation of being a Muslim hater.
I still remember in 1st year when we asked permission from him to be exempted from any Hindu religious ceremony,he said no. We asked for 10min to pray, he said no. We told him we we're devout Muslims, we practice our religion. He said you have to abandon your religion if you ever want to succeed in your career. He said how can you stop to pray when you're doing long operation? We explained to him that it's totally a different matter. He didn't pause to listen,didn't let us explain and kept giving us bullshit excuses.

Well, Dr. V.D. Patil, I'd never thought I'd say this, but may you rot in hell. May you be granted eternal damnation.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lucas: I am not Xabi Aloso

Lucas said he is not Xabi Alonso, according to this.

Damn right you're not.

"Now we have another style of football, and I am being asked to go forward more than Xabi did."
NO, we do not want you to get forward more often than Xabi did. I mean, it helps, but we need someone to play the midfield from deep so that Steven Gerrard can concentrate on getting forward and not wasting his energy and time tracking back, so you need to provide us the service and anchorage Xabi gave last season. However, if Mascherano is playing, I think you're quite free to go more forward, that gives us for option in attacking coz you can play the one-twos with our other attackers and keep it simple.

"I have to always prove I have the quality to be in the team."
Oh yeah you sure have to Mr.Leiva.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Eduardo's two-match ban is lifted. He's free to play against Standard Liege in Champions League group stage.

UEFA is practically screaming that the players can dive all they want, coz if UEFA tries to punish them, the clubs would dig in all the dives committed since the beginning of time and it would take an eternal for UEFA to punish them all, and in the end there will probably be no players eligible to be named on the squads anymore.

UEFA, FA ad FIFA can get together to make a conglomerate of incompetent organisations. FAM can join too for that matter.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ferguson thinks the ref was wrong to send Paul Scholes off, according to this.

FA fined Rafa not long ago when Rafa didn't even use the word WRONG.

This is getting out of hand. Ferguson and Manchester United can get away with anything.

vs Burnley@Anfield

It's 4-0. 4 is officially my favourite number now.. ^_^

We started a bit slow. Burnley had the first chance on goal. In the first 20minutes or so, frustrated Liverpool were restricted to long range shots by Torres,Kuyt and Gerrard. Then Benayoun found a space in between Burnley defenders and gave Jensen no chance. A fine starting goal. After that goal, everything clicked into place. Benayoun could have had 4 if it's not for the dubious offside call. He was onside ref, only Torres and Kuyt were offside. Black hair, blonde hair, see the difference? Didn't matter, he got his hatrick.

Well, we started with Stevie and Lucas in the central midfield, Benayoun and Riera on both flanks, Carra ad Skrtel at the heart of the defence and Insua and Johnson at full backs, with Torres and Kuyt leading the attack. Then halfway through the 1st half, Rafa signaled for a tactical change. Kuyt moved more toward the right side and Benayoun was given the license to roam. A decision proved worthy. Gerrard started from deeper and was quiet for the first 20 minutes or so, but then ran the midfield and his usual forward bombardings.

Benayoun was exceptional. I'd give him 9/10. But what's more impressive is that Lucas performed well. He bulked up in the summer and definitely looked stronger. There was a scene in the 2nd half where we displayed a sloppy defensive play, and it was Lucas who finally managed to bring the ball out of the area. He used his body to block a bigger Burnley player and got the ball out of dangerous area,an impressive strength for a man of his size. He passed well too albeit some of his trademark sideways and backward passing, but he kept the ball flowing and gave chance to Stevie to get forward often. We need a player like this,like how Alonso used to do for us,the reason Gerrard-Torres partnership was so successful.

Benayoun the picked up the ball at the edge of the area and shot. Jensen couldn't handle it and Kuyt,always the opportunist punished him from the rebound. Half-time break came at a wrong time,we were on fire.

Nice team play for the 3rd goal between Torres,Gerrard and Benayoun. Torres picked up the ball at the right side of the area and passed to Gerrard, Gerrard with his timely run picked up the pass perfectly, got past defenders, feigned a shot and passed the ball to Benayoun for a simple tap-in with the keeper already defeated.

Then Liverpool got a freekick after Gerrard was fouled at the left side of the area. Gerrard took the freekick, Benayoun scored but he was deemed offside when he was not.Ughh. Nevermind, his treble came with a smart assist from Voronin. The funny thing is that everyone thought he was offside,and even he took a second longer before taking a shot. A thoroughly deserved hatrick.

Gerrard was guilty of not scoring. He got past 4 defenders, rounded the keeper, but then the angle was so acute he only managed to hit the post. Frustration and disappointment were evident on his expression. The other chance was the Voronin's backheel, but he only managed to shoot straight to Jansen. And if it wasn't for Jansen, we would be having a Gerrard special last night in the form of a wicked twisted ball in the upper right corner of the net.

Torres didn't have the brightest night, but with he present on he field, he was sure to drag at least 2 defenders alongside him, thus opening the space and opportunity for his teammates to do the job. Riera was quite disapointing in the 1st half, but he must be in the receiving end of Rafa's halftime break verbal abuse that he upped his performance in the 2nd half.

Johnson wasn't able to go forward as much as he liked initially in the absence of Mascherano to cover his defensive track but as the game progressed he got more forward and helped with the attack.Generally an okay performance for someone who was being put under scrutiny for his England performance. Insua gave a solid defensive display too. That was a good cross for Benayoun to head in. Reina was a mere spectator for a large part of the game but not disappointing when called upon. His distribution is the best in business. Sktel who has just returned from injury didn't have a great night,the physical presence of Burnley players seemed to bother him a bit.Oh how I missed the bitchface.Haha.Carra was as rock solid as always.

Oh, and does Rafa have a varicose vein over his forehead? I could see the dilated, tortuous vein during his after-match press conference. Too much to think,eh? Think well Rafa, for we want to win EPL this year.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boring week.
Watched the England-Slovenia game with my eyes half-closed.
And I'm still waiting for what Ferguson has to say about Rooney's 'unintentional' dive after his comment regarding UEFA's punishment on Eduardo last week.
Lets see what the hypocrite's got to say.
And I can't believe Gerrard's defending him. Shrek must have lied to him.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Watched Bolton vs Liverpool last night.
The performance wasn't up to the mark, but we won, so it's fine.
Our new signing whose name I still don't know how to pronounce or spell looked fine except for few nervous moments. It's never wise to keep the ball longer than a second in your own area. And he could deal with aerial threat, the one aspect we're currently lacking a bit since Sami left.
The 2 Bolton goals were defensive mistakes.
Steven saved us yet again. Great comeback after that dismal performance in the previous game.
Lucas..well he didn't play that well,not that any of us expected him to, but there were a few moments of good forward passes apart from the usual backward n sideway passes which are trademark of his, and he won the ball back when he lost it.
Great play buildup between Benayoun,Torres,Gerrard and Voronin toward the end of the game.
Well, international breaks. It's gonna be a boring week.
Oh yeah, Glen Johnson is worth every penny!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Alonso finally admits that Rafa was the reason he left Liverpool. Ha! Tell me about it.

By the way Xabi, we're missing you at the midfield.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Shallow Can You Get?

Met a Man U fan today who doesn't know who Eric Cantona is.
Yes, Eric freaking Cantona!!
Exactly how shallow, how glory hunting can you get?
It's like a Liverpool fan not aware of the existence of Kenny Dalglish, not that they are comparable though.
His answer was: I wasn't born when he was playing.
Err, dude, neither was I, but I'm sure I've heard of that infamous flying kung fu kick somewhere sometime.

(Well, strictly speaking, we were already born when he was playing, it's just that our mental facilities had not developed enough to fully appreciate the beauty of the game).