Monday, July 26, 2010

Fernando Torres

Torres has yet to commit his future to Liverpool. According to Hodgson, Torres has a "beef" with the club. I wonder what would that be. Broken promises?

In my opinion, if Torres feels like Liverpool are not going forward even with a new manager, what with the owners are still staying, he would leave. He's young, talented, and deserves to win cups. The major ones.

I was so convinced that Alonso would not leave last season, so this time around I don't wanna put my hopes up. Hope Torres will come out and tell us what he really feels, if he wants to leave then he better leaves sooner as it will give us more time to find a proper replacement. Not that anyone can replace El Nino.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New everything

Fans all across the globe have been singing praises for Mr. Roy Hodgson although he is yet to lead the team to one competitive game. I can understand the excitement, it's just that I find it hard to be excited with anything these days.

It's amazing how one signing can have many positive effects on the team. With Joe Cole signing for Liverpool, we suddenly look creative. Our attacking players next season would be Gerrard, Torres, Kuyt, Cole, Jovanovic, Aquilani, Maxi Rodriguez, Ryan Babel (albeit rumour has it that he will be swapped with Huntelaar). Gerrard has pledged his future to Liverpool, don't think he has much of a choice really. He's too important to sell cheap but too old for other clubs to buy. Not that I'm complaining.

Cole, I know we've had our differences in the past years, but you start scoring those fluke goals at the Kop end, then I promise I'll learn to love you. Although I do think that 90k wage a week is a bit too much for him.

Regret Insua's sell. He's 21 years old Argentine international with a great future ahead of him. At the very least, he'll be a decent player. Yes he had been caught out of pace and position a few times last season, but which defender at his age has excellent positional sense. Can't see the logic in selling him really. Think Purslow just wanted to get rid of Rafa's players. Fiorentina willing to pay 5mil for him after a disappointing season at Anfield just shows the amount of potential they see in him. I think Purslow only saw a quick 5mil, which is used to fund Danny Wilson's buy. We still need a left back, although Agger and Wilson can probably play in that position, we still need a proper full back.

Cole is again a good replacement for Benayoun. Can't believe the things Yossi said to the press. He worked hard to earn his place in the first team, then got injured and lost his place to Maxi. What's more unbelievable is that Broughton claimed that it was Rafa Benitez who had sold Yossi to Chelsea. Just ignore the fact that Rafa was let go 6 weeks before Yossi was sold. Just ignore that.

Now we'll see who will be offloaded. Probably centre backs, Kyrgiakos or Skrtel. Skrtel didn't have a good season, but I'm convinced he has good tools to make a comeback. I don't understand the criticism Kyrgiakos got, I think he did well last season. And we need someone who dominates in the air in certain games. Well it's up to Purslow. My opinion does not matter.

Friday, July 9, 2010


So the World Cup is almost coming to its end. To be honest I didn't expect the Netherlands to make it to the final. They defeated Brazil, my favourite to reach the final, albeit it was triggered by Felipe Melo pushing self-destruction button that resulted in Brazil being kicked off the tournament. And questionable goals against Uruguay, but lets not take anything against them. They do not reach this stage by luck, they're doing things right.

Spain may not have scored many goals in the tournament, but they are still a joy to watch. I think the reason that Spain have not been able to score a lot in the World Cup is that the teams playing against them defend in numbers, making it harder to penetrate the defense. But most of the times they remain calm and play their style of football, they pass and pass and pass, rarely resorting to long balls towards the front or attempting impossible dribbles. They pass and pass the ball around, recycle the possession, from the front to the halfway line, look for an opening, and bam, they find some unexpected space with an unexpected player running in it. Their passings wear their opponent down, and they're good at pressings too, making it sometimes impossible for the opponents to even complete simple passes.

I think the key to winning the final is the battle in midfield. In Van Bommel and de Jong for the Netherlands and Busquets and Alonso for Spain, they have fine holding midfielders in their time. Van Bommel is a tough tackling bully everyone hates but loves to have him in their teams, while de Jong protects the back four and provides links between defense and attack. Busquets raised a few eyebrows earlier in the tournament, but as the tournament progresses I think he grows in stature. Tough in tackles,has the ability to smell danger and can pass too. Alonso has been a joy to watch. What he lacks in pace, he compensates with great positioning. His passings are as good as ever.

Okay now it's too obvious I favour the Spaniards, right? But somehow I want Dirk Kuyt to win, no one deserves success more than he does. Lets see how it turns out. :)