Saturday, February 5, 2011

En Route to Stamford Bridge

I've been thinking about this a lot my head is gonna explode.

The scariest thing about Torres joining Chelsea isn't about us losing our best attacker; it's about Torres and Drogba playing together.

Imagine: Drogba is about the most complete striker you'll ever find. Quick, strong, powerfully built, good technique, great in the air. Torres, although his heading ability can only be considered as fair (at least I think so), has many more qualities in his pocket. You can't let him turn with the ball, you'll be left for dead. His burst of acceleration has always been his main asset (although it seems to have reduced following bouts of muscular injuries) and he can score a wide variety of goals from a wide variety of positions. Notice the goals he had scored for Liverpool; I think Benitez was right when he said Torres had never scored the same goals.

With Torres and Drogba up front with Anelka supporting them (he played in this role to excellent effect against Sunderland, so I heard), it will be too much for any defence in the world to handle. It's frightening. Drogba alone has always given us a handful, with that handful sometimes becomes another extra handful that the extra bits brim out of our small cupped palm.

I think Chelsea's midfield will probably have Essien or Mikel at the holding role, and Lampard and Ramires or Malouda for the slightly forward roles. Torres, if he does play, will probably score. It's incredibly fascinating that some of us suddenly think that he's an average striker, perhaps we're still in denial.

As for Liverpool, I don't think that Kenny will deploy the same tactics we used against Stoke. I think 3-5-1-1 worked well against Stoke because Stoke generally play centrally and not on the wings. Against teams that attack through both flanks like Chelsea, our 3-man central defence will be stretched, leaving spaces for their strikers to exploit in the centre. Those strikers, as we well know, will be Drogba, Torres or Anelka, all of them or two of them. Either way, it will be fatal. To avoid the centre backs being drifted apart, wing backs (Kelly and Johnson) will go down and help with the defence, which will reduce the midfield to 3 men. 3-man midfield vs 5 or 4-man midfield, there is no prize for guessing correctly which team will gain more possession in the midfield.

I trust the King. We may not win, but then no one is expecting that we will. And I'm not known for my optimism either. I just hope that the boys will go out there and play like there's no tomorrow. Good luck lads. You know You'll Never Work Alone. :)

Update: Hell I'm so wrong. Haha.
Confirmed team: Reina, Carra, Agger, Skrtel, Kelly, Johnson, Lucas, Gerrard, Maxi, Meireles, Kuyt.


  1. hard to get 3 point there but nothing impossible..cant see Torres will playing upfront alongside drogba and anelka..Torres and drogba had played as a top/main striker over the years and far as a 2nd striker or wide man.Ancelotti will find problem to play anelka who a versatile striker together with both of them..very interesting to see!!
    1-1 is the best result in my mind and carra will be the first player in the pitch who get a yellow cards on foul of torres..YNWA

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  2. Yup Torres and Drogba are better off playing up front on their own, but maybe Ancelotti will use this:

    Torres - Drogba

    He used it against Sunderland with Kalou and Drogba up front and he had been using it when he was at Milan too. This partnership, if it works, is gonna be one hell of a partnership.

    Yup hope we can get out with a point. YNWA

  3. whatever the result ..
    always trust king kenny .. YNWA!!!